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Aquaponics: How to Guard Families from Rising Food Costs

Aquaponic systems may help families guard against rising foods costs due to price inflation and ongoing droughts in the Unites States.


Ipoh, Perak -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- With unprecedented droughts in the United States, the threat of rising food prices is a genuine concern for families all over the world. In our global economy, there is no country or region that is totally immune from even the most obscure regional crises. The global financial crisis is one excellent example of this reality.

Just as food prices are already on the rise from drought, Central Banks all over the world are devaluing their currencies, which may lead to even greater cost increases due to price inflation. Between drought and global monetary policy, the average family stands to pay a lot more for everyday food expenses.

The average family may have to resort to extreme measures to keep up their standard of living. It is estimated that nearly half of American families rely on government handouts like food stamps. Moreover, in the event of a real global crisis, food supplies could be delayed or even completely cut off to metropolitan areas. All of this merely reinforces the wisdom of the traditional family garden. The family that can grow its own food sustainably will survive economic turmoil and have food goods available for barter and trade during times of emergency.

One type of garden that is growing in popularity is the aquaponic system, which combines hydroponics with aquaculture systems . In an aquaponics system plants and fish are combined to grow foods sustainably in a balanced symbiotic ecosystem. This allows you to avoid exposure to potentially harmful pesticide chemicals, save money on food costs, and create a self-sustaining garden with no carbon footprint.

The economic and financial stability of the world has become increasingly precarious in the last couple of years. There truly is no better time to encourage your family to become more self-reliant and frugal. Building home aquaponics systems is one way that you can safeguard your future and contribute to the community in a positive way.

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Zharif Hanapi
Aquaponics Expert