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Aquaticabath Now Offers Certified and Quality Bathtubs and Bathroom Accessories


Cheshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2016 -- With a variety of bathtub manufacturers, the choice of a reliable and trusted company proves to be a challenge for ordinary customers. Meanwhile, this issue is worth serious consideration, because it affects the level of comfort each customer avails when shopping for bathroom accessories and products. Realizing the importance of this factor, Aquaticabath has offered certified and high quality bathtubs and other bathroom products for sale.

Aquatica Plumbing Group is a renowned online distributor and retailer of luxury stone and acrylic bathtubs. Aquaticabath is the UK-based company offering these products in the country. It has won the loyalty of customers due to the quality and rich choice of products enlisted in the catalogue, skilled and talented team of designers and engineers, exclusive bathtub designs, innovative technologies and materials used in the manufacturing process. This is what Aquaticabath representatives tell about the company and the missions it pursues: "Here, at Aquaticabath, we aim at making our customers' bathing experience perfect and comfortable. The combined knowledge, skills and fresh approach of Aquatica's team of designers – from young and cutting edge to well-versed and technically experienced, have allowed us to approach the bath not as an object but rather as a sensation; the bathroom not simply a utility but a haven of self-indulgence. Every one of our products aims to transport you into a realm of luxurious pleasure."

Engineers working for the company apply innovative technologies to make bathtubs and other products not only luxurious, but also functional. All the baths are crafted by experienced specialists with customers' convenience in mind. The range of products the company offers for sale nowadays is very extensive and includes different kinds of bathtubs, such as freestanding, drop-in, corner, soaking, acrylic, stone, jetted etc. Apart from that, they also offer faucets, showers, bathroom sinks, furniture, accessories and what not. All the products are of high quality and manufactured of a variety of materials. They are certified and come with various designs to cater to any tastes and needs. Here, at Aquaticabath, clients may also order custom made, unique and outstanding pieces to meet their special needs and design preferences. The company offers 30-day return guarantee and free shipping.

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About Aquaticabath
Aquaticabath is a credible company, which offers simple and exclusive bathtubs made of versatile materials. The company is the UK representative of the Aquatica Plumbing Group, which is an international online retailer and distributor of bathroom products and accessories. The company has an extensive selection of certified products that stand out from the crowd due to their quality, design and convenience. The team of engineers and designers working for Aquaticabath is eager to cater to the needs of each client and ensure the best bathing experience possible.

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Tel.: +44 20 8123 0311