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AQVA Launches New Website to Promote Range of Australian Made Luxury Baths and Home Spas Online

AQVA has created an amazing range of quintessentially modern baths and spas, and has designed a new website to showcase their product to a worldwide audience.


Bayswater North, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- Since the invention of the shower, the bath has seemed to some to be a vestigial left-over, but the truth is that the bath has persisted since Roman times because of its luxurious sense of indulgence and relaxation. Modern bathtubs now feature more technology than ever before with multiple spa jets, intelligent temperature control and stronger, more durable materials. AQVA is combining these benefits with ergonomically-minded design sensibilities catering to the human form to create beautiful centerpieces for the most private room in the home. They have just launched a new website to promote their unique products.

The new website ( provides a fitting showcase for such meticulously finished high quality products, offering clean lines, responsive design and a low-key background that helps the white baths stand off the page, with profile and birds eye photography, detailed product descriptions and clear pricing. The website also includes enhanced search options for given features.

The family owned Australian business has also drawn inspiration from their neighbors, with Japanese spa baths utilizing the latest technology as well as the Haiku bath, inspired by traditional Japanese poetry. As every AQVA spa bath is made to order, the site even has a custom design section for individuals wanting a specific look for their home bath or spa, fitted to a specific layout.

A spokesperson for AQVA explained, "Our baths can be equipped with anything from standard taps to the latest hydro therapeutic fit-outs, and we can use 3D CAD to render original digital proportions for a unique bathtub then make it afford ably real on behalf of select clients. Our standard ranges are nevertheless hugely varied and draw on the charm of Victorian free standing baths to the futurist free standing spa pods. We hope that we have something for everyone available for purchase, and proudly continue as a family owned Australian company, providing beautiful, ergonomic bath time experiences."

About AQVA
AQVA Luxury Bath & Spas offer a range of baths and spas manufactured in Australia using only the highest quality materials and fittings available, combined with stylish yet functional designs, all backed by a 10-15 year warranty. They aim to create true works of art that are versatile in design to suit every bathroom style and are available in a range of options to accommodate any level of luxury desired.

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