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AQXOLT EPR MARK 7 Has Been Approved by UPS Ready Program Which Will Allow a Great Deal of Services from UPS to Be Available with the ERP MARK 7 Suite


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2014 -- AQXOLT ERP MARK 7 is a Cloud based ERP suite that is designed to streamline operations of an organization. The AQXOLT ERP MARK 7 program is designed to incorporate order processing, inventories, supplier details, finance commission, processing, manufacturing, payroll, loyalty programs, HR, RFP, Employee performance, expenses and profits and other management operations of the firm.

The ERP MARK 7 suite provides real time data on every internal and external process and reduces inefficiencies, losses and mismanagement within the organisation.

The ERP MARK 7 has been approved by the UPS Ready Program which means that the UPS service will be available and integrated within the application suite. The UPS Ready program tests and approves the technologies which can be used and gain access to the UPS services. After the inclusion of the ERP MARK 7 application in UPS Ready, ERP MARK 7 customers can now offer a whole range of services that are offered by UPS.

The services include UPS Shipping Tool, UPS tracking, UPS rates and service selection, UPS time in Transit and estimated delivery dates and the UPS address verification. These services are extremely beneficial and can greatly benefit the organization in many ways. The company will not have to worry about shipping and related services individually and all of it can be incorporated with the AQXOLT ERP MARK 7.

Through UPS integrated services, customers get a great deal of added benefits and improved service. The overall functionality of the organization improves many folds as the enterprise is able to compete on a global as well as national scale. Through UPS, shipping and related services become greatly streamlined and well managed which increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to greater profits.

AQXOLT ERP MARK 7 is built 100 percent on the Salesforce1 Platform which is the leading industry platform for the cloud computing. The ERP MARK 7 increases cross functional insight throughout the organisation and hence is a great ERP application suite to adopt for the operations of a firm. With the integration of the ERP MARK 7 suite with UPS Ready Program, more benefits are now derived and hence it is a win-win package for the organisation as well as their customers.

Adopting the AQXOLT ERP MARK 7 for the operations of the organisation can be a revolutionary move and can do wonders.

About UPS Ready® Program
UPS is the largest shipment and logistics company in the world and with its UPS Ready® Program it offers:

Access to UPS's shipping and visibility services hassle-free with an easy to use out-of- the-box integration experience
Streamlined business operations and fast integration of new services
Peace of mind knowing that 3rd party UPS Ready solutions meet UPS standards.

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