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ARBICO Organics Offers Solutions to Grasshopper Infestations

During a major grasshopper outbreak, grasshoppers could possibly eat up to one ton of vegetation in 10 days – the same as a mature cow.” Reports ARBICO Organics™.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- Currently, parts of the United States are being hit hard with hungry grasshoppers. According to the USDA, there are more than 400 known species of grasshoppers in the Western United States, however only about two dozen are considered pest species capable of producing economic damage. These insects cause extensive damage every year and become even more destructive and annoying during peak grasshopper outbreaks. An article from Texas A & M Agri-Life Extension stated “typically, major grasshopper outbreaks involve more than one species of grasshopper, and 30 mature grasshoppers per yard can eat up to one ton of vegetation in 10 days – the same as a mature cow.” A spokesperson for ARBICO Organics™ explained that, “the best way to protect your hard working production is early awareness and control before it becomes an overwhelming attack.”

ARBICO Organics™ recommends scouting pastures and other susceptible areas to check for evidence of grasshopper hatching. Grasshoppers are much easier to manage in their susceptible nymph stages than once they are fully grown. Grasshoppers can be controlled with natural and effective organic methods such as Semaspore, Nolo Bait, Mycotrol O, and Botanigard which contain nosema locustae and beauveria bassiana.

Nosema locustae is a naturally occurring single celled protozoan that infects all stages of developing grasshoppers, some crickets and locusts. It does not affect other wildlife. Nosema locustae is sold under two labels: Semaspore and Nolo Bait. The Nosema locustae is impregnated on flakes of bran that act as a bait. Once it is consumed by grasshoppers, the grasshopper develops a disease, is weakened, consumes less, and eventually dies. In 2 – 4 weeks, approximately 50% of the population will be dead. It is most effective when grasshoppers are ½” – ¾” in size.

Beauveria bassiana is another biological control that also helps to control grasshoppers. It is also sold under two labels: Mycotrol O and Botanigard. Beauveria bassiana is a biological insecticide and naturally occurring fungus that causes muscardine disease in a wide variety of pest insects including aphids, thrips, psyllids, whiteflies and fire ants. When grasshoppers come in contact with the microscopic spores, they grow inside their bodies and are killed within a matter of days.

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ARBICO Organics™ is a family owned company in Tucson, Arizona, that has been providing organic solutions for homes, gardens, farms and pets since 1979. ARBICO Organics™ carries Semaspore, Nolo Bait, Mycotrol O, and Botanigard for grasshopper control. For more information or to buy grasshoppers, please visit:

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