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Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Top American colleges, such as Harvard, MIT, and Princeton have established, and maintained, global reputations of educational excellence due to a few key factors: rigorous educational standards, noted postgraduate work of their students, and the opportunities their students are exposed to which help launch their careers.

Students from around the world aspire to attend prestigious American universities, but many international students face unusual challenges when they apply. Differences in their educational system can complicate matters, as can very demanding testing requirements needed to simply apply to these universities. ArborBridge seeks to close that gap by connecting international students with elite American tutors. ArborBridge’s cutting-edge online platform delivers an unparalleled live learning environment—at any time, anywhere that even surpasses in-person tutoring.

ArborBridge’s new website enables students and parents to find out more about their SAT tutoring programs. It includes high-quality videos introducing ArborBridge’s tutors and it describes the working environment students will gain access to as well as details of how the tutoring sessions are structured.

The ArborBridge site includes biographies of their tutors as well as details on their exacting hiring standards. Testimonials from their satisfied students and parents underscore their tutors’ abilities. To demonstrate the kind of learning that takes place, the online SAT prep video library offers tips on taking the SAT and ACT exams, as well as tips listed by subject.

Tim Urban, co-founder of ArborBridge, explained, “We founded ArborBridge to connect students worldwide with America’s top tutors. The goal of many of these students is to get into the college of their dreams. Admission to America’s top colleges is more competitive than ever, meaning more students have to take American exams like the SAT to compete. These exams often have a very different format and carry different expectations than many international students might be familiar with.”

“We have tutored students from Los Angeles to London to Shanghai by leveraging the full power of today’s technology in new ways, revolutionizing the education process. We believe this levels the global playing field, allowing students from around the world the opportunity to access US colleges.”

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ArborBridge provides tutoring services for the American examination system to students from around the world wishing to attend America’s best colleges. They offer a cutting edge online platform with tools and features designed to eliminate the shortcomings of traditional online communication and ensure students receive the best quality tutoring. For more information, please visit: