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ARC Systems Offers 5 Reasons Why SMEs Need to Invest in an IT Disaster Recovery Plan


Essex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- The Essex-based IT support company is keen to convince business owners that now is the time to implement that all-important IT disaster recovery plan.

It’s been a hugely challenging few years for most small to medium sized businesses, and according to statistics recently released by data provider Markit (outlined in this recent article from the Guardian Online), the recession in the Eurozone is starting to ease but shows no strong signs of recovery. As businesses continue to tighten their belts, developing a disaster recovery plan can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task and an unnecessary expense, but representatives from ARC Systems are keen to stress the importance of developing a recovery strategy sooner rather than later, especially in the wake of such uncertain economic times.

The team have listed five reasons why businesses of any size and reach should ensure the correct data recovery processes are set in place.

1. Putting together a disaster recovery plan will help business owners assess the real worth of their company’s data.

“Data as we know it is no longer represented by stacks and stacks of paperwork in endless filing cabinets. The majority of information required by businesses is stored discreetly in emails, spreadsheets, word processors and accounting software, making it easy to forget its importance in the day-to-day running of a business,” explains a member of the consultancy team at ARC Systems. “However, not being able to access this information for a sustained period of time can lead to substantial losses in terms of revenue. It’s essential that business owners understand the consequences of losing data and don’t just adopt an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality.”

2. Plenty of businesses never re-open once they’ve experienced a true disaster. The exact number is disputed online by a number of statisticians, and is often exaggerated by IT companies, but it is entirely feasible that a company affected by a major data loss incident could not have the information it needs to carry on trading.

“Businesses owners need to seriously consider how difficult it could be to resume normal trading if they lost all their data to date,” explains ARC’s consultant. “Such an incident could also cause irreparable damage to the company’s reputation and as we all know, losing customer confidence and trust usually leads to financial losses in the longer term.”

3. By implementing a comprehensive data recovery plan, a company will avoid the legal ramifications involved in losing sensitive customer data should their systems fail and this data be lost. Certain liabilities and penalties can be enforced if a business does not fulfil its obligations and comply with its clients’ data needs, especially if the clients in question are involved in the healthcare, financial or real estate industries, which are governed by strict data confidentiality laws.

4. Ensuring fast access to ‘lost’ data through adequate back-up procedures ensures that staff remain productive and work is not interrupted. In addition, streamlining internal data storage and sharing processes ensures that time is not wasted on tracking down a vital piece of information and that employees are maximising the time they spend on various projects.

5. Finally, eliminating the risk of a business’ failure gives everyone peace of mind. Every single employee, from high management to admin and support staff, will feel more secure in their work knowing that data can be recovered if a disaster should occur. “It’s no secret that arranging a data recovery plan is a task that’s usually pushed to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list of any CEO,” says ARC’s representative. “But being pro-active instead of reactive and getting the required systems in place really could be the difference between success and failure if vital data is lost for whatever reason.”

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