in2town Launches Social Gameplay Replay Video Sharing

Arcade Scripts offers a gamers portal where individuals can share video replays of their preferred games with other users.


Grimsby, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- Arcade Scripts offers a gamers portal where individuals can share video replays of their preferred games with other users. It is also the perfect platform for a new game launch or promotion of a new gaming aPP, promotion and news for developers

Arcade Scripts has launched a gamer’s portal where individuals can share their video replays of their favorite game and engage other players with social sharing. The popular video game social site who also provided the perfect platform for developers to promote their new games and gaming apps, want to build the biggest social video game sharing network.

Thanks to Arcade Scripts ( video sharing has become more simplified and now gamers can share videos of their favorite games and audio that provides a post-game play by play commentary. Gamers can also share their game tips, helping people who are struggling to get onto the next level to achieve success, but best of all, gamers can show off their skills.

John Velinov for Arcade Scripts said “Players have been looking for a great way to share their video game experiences with friends and now with our video game sharing, they have the perfect platform.”

It is not only video game fans who are flocking to the preferred video sharing site, game developers and app developers are also turning to Arcade Scripts for their help in promoting their new games and apps.

Game developers who are so impressed with the video game sharing site are making it their number one site to share news about their new games and apps that are coming out, allowing gaming fans to get the first glimpse of new exciting video games.

Arcade Scripts who bring gamers all the latest promotions, news and reviews, want gaming fans to share their gaming tips, highest scores and their gaming skills on their favorite video games.

“Arcade Scripts has been in the industry now how for the past 8 1/2 years with reviews on all aspects of gaming platforms. Our video game sharing platform has become very popular with our members. We pride ourselves in providing a simplified way for our members to upload their gaming videos and look forward to many more gaming fans sharing their skills and tips.”

The video gaming sharing website has become the number one gaming website to turn to when gamers are struggling with a level, needing advice and help to get onto the next stage.

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