Project Arcadia LLC Surpasses the 10,000 Customer Landmark


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2012 -- With the unfortunate rise in terrorism and crime in the past decade, keeping a business secure is more important than ever. It’s important for employees of any organization to verify their credentials, and one of the most important ways employees can confirm their identity is to use an ID card.

One website gaining a lot of attention in the ID card sector is ArcadiaID is a long established, Scottsdale AZ based business that has been selling ID cards for over 6 years with over 10,000 customers in that period.

A spokesperson commented on their landmark achievement of securing over 10,000 customers:

“We are delighted to surpass the 10,000 customer mark. We continue to build a strong customer base because we provide professional ID card results without the customer investing thousands of dollars in ID card printers. We have all the latest technology including ML450 and ML450T laminators which are specifically designed to laminate thicker higher quality ID cards.”

Their latest products, a range of ID card kits, have been generating a lot of buzz online. These ID card kits allow small businesses to create their own ID cards in minutes. Professional quality ID cards can be easily created with the kit which includes an ID card laminator, ID holograms, synthetic paper and butterfly pouches. The kit and a standard inkjet printer will produce professional quality ID cards according to

A spokesperson for the site explained why businesses opt for their products:

“Our service is proving invaluable to small businesses that need to print ID cards in house. The main benefit of using one of our ID kits as opposed to outsourcing ID card printing is the exceptional speed benefit. New employees can be carrying an ID card instantly, whereas before it could take days or even weeks for the new cards to arrive. This can be a huge hole in even the most security conscious organization’s security policy. Businesses all over the country have found this advantageous, not only in terms of speed but also in reduced cost. The majority of our clients are corporate businesses that need ID cards for their employees, and we take strong precautions against our ID card machines being used for any illegal purpose. “

The site also contains detailed how to tutorials to walk visitors through creating their own ID cards, the tutorials come in text style and also via high quality video tutorials. The site provides further editorial content and news via the site’s blog.

About is a Scottsdale Arizona based ID card business. They manufacture and retail ID card kits that can be used by small businesses and home users to create professional quality ID cards.

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