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Archangel Origins: Trinity - Epic Young Adult Fantasy Novel Encompasses Victory of Good vs. Evil.

Set on the Planet of Eden some 3.5 Billion years ago, M C Nobles’ latest young adult fantasy novel takes readers on a complex and enthralling journey to a planet where life is harmonious, resources are plentiful and fate rests on the most unlikely of relationships.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- Young Adult fantasy fiction is seeing increasing demand among global readerships. However, the latest offering from M C Nobles boasts a fresh take on life in another planet. Set on the pristine Planet of Eden, containing seven unique sets of humans, ‘Archangel Origins: Trinity’ is tipped to compel readers around the world.


Michael was fairly certain life after school would be uneventful… but he was very wrong. Just a few days before his graduation, a barbarian horde threatened his peaceful kingdom of Altonia. Compounding the tensions, the King and Michael’s twelve stepbrothers were captured while attempting to negotiate with the barbarians. The task to repel the enemy fell to Michael.

During his quest to return the King to the throne, he visits his mother’s kingdom of Silvia. There he meets Brooke, the 19-year-old Queen of Amazonia. She, along with her remaining warriors, trains Michael and the allied forces in the ways of combat.

Their journey takes them to Hania where they met another young queen named Anna. She joins them; with the aid of her magical remote viewing they devise a bold plan to return the Altonian King to the throne. The trials they face forge an intense friendship as they struggle to confront the darkness together.

As the author explains, the world he has created offers the ultimate escape from our own.

“In a world that is full of its own challenges it is refreshing to read a story that is well written, engaging, and unique,” says Nobles.

Continuing, “The novel is the first young adult epic fantasy to incorporate a bountiful planet where crops renew nightly, year around temperate weather, world war, a unique magic system utilizing remote viewing, romance, and victory of good vs evil.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

One reader, Stephen S. Weiner, said that, “Archangel Origins: Trinity transports you into a magical world of Amazonian warriors, Silvians, Altonians, Hanians and other unique civilizations. The battle sequences are thrilling and exciting and the romantic situations are diverting. While this book is intended for younger readers, it will be enjoyed by everyone. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants an enjoyable read.”

With characters that fall alone but stand united, critics praise Nobles for creating an intricate world which remains simple enough for young readers to absorb.

‘Archangel Origins: Trinity’, published by Amazon Digital Services, is available now: http://amzn.to/VTLHcc

About M C Nobles:
Michael lives in Houston, Texas with his beautiful wife, Griffin the dog, and Reagan the cat. His hobbies include anything outdoors, collecting, fishing, boxing, basketball, archery, photography, writing, blacksmithing, and traveling. Michael is a fierce litigator and has won several jury trials with his ability to tell credible stories. In his free time, he enjoys creating and experiencing new things.