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Architect Paul Bunton Launches 21st Century Classroom for Technology Integration


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- Technology is an inherent part of today's education, but integrating it into the classroom is not always easy. Teachers and students alike must be able to visualize the potential of certain key pieces of technology in order to successfully integrate and use them in the classroom. This is where Paul Bunton and his team of architects at BCA Architects have bridged the gap by providing a 21st Century demonstration classroom as a space for teachers, students and others to interact with educational technology.

Located in San Jose, the demonstration classroom includes fully integrated technological advances that can be added to almost any class. This demo allows teachers and students to schedule to time to "play with" the technology to see how it can work for them in their own schools.

Included in the 21st Century demonstration classroom are mobile devices, flexible mobile seating, interactive displays and an amplified sound system. By allowing teachers and students to put their hands on and manipulate these key pieces of equipment, Paul Bunton and his team hope to take the mystery and guesswork out of many of the technological advances available to teachers and students and to help administrators make good technology purchasing choices.

The 21st Century demonstration classroom provides an interactive experience for participants and allows teachers to try out the collaborative technology experience before committing to teaching this way in their own classrooms.

According to Paul Bunton, whose information can be found on the web at,,, , and, the impetus to create this classroom came from observations made while working to serve California educational communities.

"It became apparent to our team that many educators and school communities are searching to keep up with the rapid changes occurring in our global economy," said Bunton. "We want to prepare today's students to deal with tomorrow's technology. To this end, we wanted to provide our community with a space to visualize the classroom of now while preparing for the future."

More information about the 21st Century demonstration classroom can be found on Paul Buton's website at

About Paul Bunton
Paul Bunton is an architect and president of BCA Architects, with offices in Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles and Newport Beach.

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