Joe Bragg Releases Profiles of World-Famous Architects Walter Gropius and Adolf Loos


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- It’s impossible to travel through a city without noticing its architecture. Architecture is everywhere and can be seen in everything from the most basic buildings to world-famous landmarks. But while people recognize buildings like the Eiffel Tour and Pentagon, few people think about the architects that created such designs.

That’s a problem that a website called seeks to solve. At, visitors will find a selection of world-famous architects ranked in alphabetical order. The website is devoted to bringing attention to some of the architects that helped shape the world, including recognizable names like Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos as well as names those outside the architecture community may not recognize, like Arne Jacobsen and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

The website recently revealed pages for two prominent architects: Walter Gropius and Adolf Loos. Gropius was born in Germany in 1883 and founded the world-renowned Bauhaus architecture school. Widely regarded as a pioneer of modern architecture, Gropius served in World War I and moved to the United States prior to World War II, bringing international modernism architecture techniques with him to the new world.

Meanwhile, Adolf Loos was an Austro-Hungarian architect who contributed more to architecture through his theoretical work – including numerous essays – than he did through his physical creations.

The profiles of Loos and Gropius include detailed biographical data about each architect. Profiles list the birthdays and death dates for the pair along with their specific contributions to the world of architecture. Readers can learn where the architects lived at various moments in their lives along with the works for which they will always be known.

As a spokesperson for explains, the information on the site can be used by people all over the world:

“Some of our website visitors are students, while others are simply interested in learning more about the buildings they see every day. Our website can be used by everybody from scholars to aspiring entrepreneurs, and we’re constantly working to expand and improve our website and the user experience it offers.”

The current selection of architects available on the website includes:

-Alvar Aalto
-Marcel Breuer
-Luis Barragan
-Peter Behrens
-Le Corbusier
-Buckminster Fuller
-Walter Gropius
-Victor Horta
-Arne Jacobsen
-Philip Johnson
-Albert Kahn
-Adolf Loos
-Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Those interested in learning more about any of these architects can visit the homepage for more information.

About is an architect information website that features detailed biographical data for some of the world’s most popular architects, including Le Corbusier, Albert Kahn, Victor Horta, and other world-renowned names. The website recently revealed pages dedicated to Walter Gropius and Adolf Loos, both of whom made significant contributions to the world of architecture. For more information, please visit: