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Architecture Degree in Michigan Breaks New Ground With LTU Architectural Engineering Degree Program


Southfield, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2012 -- Lawrence Technological University’s architectural engineering degree program is now leading the way nationally for sustainable design in the built environment. As more architecture student’s nationally focus on the imperatives of sustainability, many are choosing to pursue an architecture degree in Michigan at the highly ranked university.

In today’s building process, architectural engineers make a huge environmental difference by reducing the "footprint" of buildings and promoting carbon neutrality and net-zero energy building. As the preeminent architecture school in Michigan, Lawrence Technological University (LTU) has made a strong commitment to sustainable design with its Master of Science in Architectural Engineering degree program. “Our unique program prepares students to be leaders in the rapidly expanding field of sustainable building design,” said the Architectural Engineering Program Director Professor Filza H. Walters.

The Architectural Engineering program at LTU is a five-year combined bachelors and master’s program. By blending the expertise of the University's renowned Colleges of Engineering and Architecture and Design, students gain the knowledge and skill to succeed as a "green" building-oriented design engineer. By obtaining an architectural degree in Michigan at the prestigious school, students realize their full potential in shaping a sustainable ecology for the built environment.

As the master builders of the new age, architectural engineers meld artistic vision with specialized engineering skills to design structures that are durable, economical, and healthy. As indispensable members and leaders of integrated design teams, they analyze the site, building orientation, and exposure. They then design the structural systems and engineer energy efficient heating, cooling, lighting, and power distribution systems. Their combination of skills even ensures fire protection and determines how water and waste will be managed— all to enable the construction of a sustainable built environment.

The LTU architecture school brings together a nationally recognized faculty for its College of Engineering (CoE) and the College of Architecture & Design (CoAD). Students benefit from small classes taught by this active and engaged faculty rather than teaching assistants. All engineering courses are specifically designed to meet ABET requirements. “By creating a degree program offered at only a handful of universities in the nation, our graduates are uniquely positioned as "whole building professionals" in the growing field of sustainable design and energy-efficient systems engineering for the built environment,” said Professor Walters. “Consequently they are highly prized by employers.” For more information, please visit http://ltu.edu/engineering/arch.asp

About Lawrence Technological University
Consistently among the highest rated universities and architecture programs nationally, Lawrence Technological University offers undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs in engineering, science, mathematics, architecture, graphic design, and business. The university's four colleges are Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Management. LTU's Architecture program is among the oldest and largest in North America.