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Archon Media Announces Release of Squidoo Training Guide


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- With America facing a hard hit economy due to massive job losses, it's no wonder community websites like Squidoo, with its money-making lenses or pages, are growing in popularity among those looking to make money from home. Taking advantage of this growing phenomenon, Archon Media announces the release of its new e-book, "The Squidoo Success Formula Training Guide - Everything You Need To Know To Make Money From Squidoo!" by Wendy Bon and Jason Katzenback.

According to Jason Katzenback, representative of Archon Media, "This is the kind of book anyone involved in Internet marketing needs to have and read, over and over again. It walks you through everything you need to know to Make Money From Squidoo so that you can be successful from your own home. The authors of the book are experts in the field, having built hundreds of lenses themselves."

Internet marketing is one of the fastest growing segments of work-at-home businesses, offering entrepreneurs the chance to build a business with minimal computer knowledge or start-up costs. But, according to Katzenback, what these new business owners typically don't have is a mentor. "This book is the knowledgeable partner that every Squidoo writer needs to help make his lenses profitable. This book explores the various ways to earn money with Squido, anywhere from some extra spending money to the potential of generating thousands of dollars in revenue each month. It also exposes the pitfalls to avoid and how to pave your own way to success in Squidoo's world of online income, which has paid off for many."

A virtual Squidoo Training Guide, this new book helps the novice set up his account, explore the interface and become knowledgeable of all Squidoo terminology, among other Squidoo life-lessons. "This book is 212-pages of easy-to-read advice everyone should have, before they start working on Squidoo or even if they've started a few lenses and just need a refresher course. The book helps you become a success, taking your hobby to a career in as short of a period as possible. It teaches you how to manage your Squidoo account, the art of selling on this medium and what to do after you click publish. Every question you could possibly have, the authors have taken the time to answer, in easy to understand copy. This book is truly the guide you need to make money on the Internet and through Squidoo." Katzenback explains.

Published in September, 2012 and available through Amazon, the e-book is downloadable on the Kindle Cloud Reader.

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