Are Credit Restoration Companies Necessary to Repair Bad Credit?

Some folks who have poor credit know what steps to take to fix it. Others do not, and to help them mend their damaged credit, may consider working with a credit restoration company. While most of these businesses are on the level, some are not so honest. The following will provide some insight in to credit repair services and their authenticity and helpfulness.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- Before discussing whether or not credit restoration companies are effective, one must first figure out how one’s credit standing became unacceptably low. Some of the reasons for this may be an increase in monthly bills that make it difficult to pay each of them or a change in household income resulting in falling behind on debt repayment. Whatever happened to cause a severe decrease in one’s credit rating, it is important to address it and reverse as much of the damage as possible. Sometimes a person can do this by himself; he can take on a second job and put the income from it toward his debt or he can stop eating out or watching movies in a theater and use the money saved from this to pay off debt. These are just a couple of ideas about how to get rid of debt and improve one’s credit score.

Another way to fix a poor credit rating is to hire the services of a credit restoration company. The way these businesses work is like this: An individual gives the company a fee and the company does all the overwhelming work involved in disputing errors in one’s credit files. For some people, this is a good deal. They do not want to put in the up to four hours per error or inconsistency required to remove the negative marks on their credit report. It is far less time consuming to let the professionals do it, and it often gets better results.

Some of these credit restoration companies promise to eradicate bad credit altogether – guaranteed. Others purport to be able to remove a bankruptcy from one’s report forever. However, there is no set method of accomplishing either of these objectives, so be careful. There are many ways a supposed credit repair service can scam an unsuspecting individual. It is legally mandated that such a business must inform a potential client of his rights and obligations regarding terms of service prior to signing any document or contract. If the company one is working with does not do this up-front, stop dealing with it and look elsewhere. It is also deceitful of a credit repair business to require fees for services not yet rendered.

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