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Are Home Intelligence Systems Worth the Cost?

combining simple web access and wireless technology to make sure that everything in a home speaks the same, simple language


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- A home intelligence system is one that combines simple web access and wireless technology to make sure that everything in a home speaks the same, simple language. With these systems, homeowners can adjust the temperature of the home, while managing the energy that is used remotely, using the majority of cell phones that are web-enabled or their computer.

Other features of a home intelligence system is that the door can be unlocked or locked when no one is home and each resident of the home can be given a personal code, allowing parents to track the comings and goings of children.

Some of the other features of a home intelligence system include:

-Ability to receive text or email alerts when a code is used.
-Use recurring codes for guests that stop by often or housekeepers.
-Ability to remotely change or delete user codes.
-Confirm the status of a wireless lock from any location.
-Program the home’s lights to come on or off at various times during the day.
-Create a setting that the lights will come on when a lock code is entered.

Each of these services provides a much more efficient and automated home that provides superior security and peace of mind for homeowners and families. If one is seeking these benefits, then a home intelligence system is well-worth the investment.

Even though these features may feel straight out of a movie, one can have a completely automated home. When installed, it can help to reduce energy bills and provide enhanced security, which are two benefits that most homeowners would appreciate.

Some of the major tools that make this a worthwhile investment include:

-Management of the climate: Leave the traditional thermostats behind. When a home intelligence system is used, homeowners have the ability to adjust the temperature from any location. This system also aids in recording energy use and how efficiently the home is able to heat and cool the premises.

-Ability to control appliances remotely: Even when away from home, homeowners can shut off the lights, stereo or television. There is no longer a need to worry about if everything is turned off during vacation or any other extended period of time away.

-Enhanced home security: The home intelligence system offers superior security with camera links and activity alerts. This is not only useful for the security of a home, but also to ensure that no one can enter your home until receiving the proper code.

A home intelligence system is well-worth the expense if a homeowner is seeking any of the features or advantages that have been highlighted here. Keep in mind, these can be pricey, but well worth the initial cost.

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