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Are Resumes for Today's Jobs "Dead"?


San Tan Valley, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- - Announcing to a nation of job seekers, the most important information as it relates to job searches and resumes in 2014. Are Resumes for Today's Jobs "Dead?" Get My Mom a Job is known for providing services and solutions for job seekers. 2014 will be the most uber-competitive job market in a decade, Get My Mom a Job is getting job seekers prepared!

There is a question that recruiters, Fortune 500 companies and beyond are talking about: the validity of the resume. Does it hold water? Do employers even consider what they are seeing on a resume as real and pertinent information? Where do employers go to get the information they desire? Should job seekers even use a resume anymore? All great questions.

The marketplace of jobs and employment has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. In fact there have been more changes in the last 10 years than in the 30 years preceding. The advent of the internet and social media has played such a big role in the evolution of candidate evaluation. Resumes paint a picture, but often not the most accurate or true portrayal of a candidate; at least not in the current versions of resumes. Employers have been seeking other avenues to get the information they want for a true evaluation. However, the successful job seeker has been getting out in front of this process and crafting resumes that offer a real look at who they are and what they have accomplished.

Michele Unangst CEO of Get My Mom a Job and Get My Vet a Job states "Social Media, the social footprint of job seekers is where employers go for their information. Often views, opinions, and feelings are portrayed on social media accounts. Job seekers don't usually craft a social media strategy when looking for job, so the "real" them is out there to be evaluated." In fact according to Inc. Magazine in a recent poll, 90% of all employers are using social media, IE. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to evaluate candidates. Evaluating their networking ability, skills, accomplishments, and general attitudes. It has become a huge part of the hiring process.

"Job seekers need to get out in front of this issue. Listing your Professional Social Exchange on a resume with social media usernames, accounts, and blogs created will show an employer your progressive nature, and you will be pulling back the curtain to how you are and what you want. The impact will be extraordinary" said Michele Unangst.

Resumes are a crafted piece of work. Typically driven by general, generic, non-descript information. It often contains very little useful information. In fact, the fabrication on resumes has become a growing problem and has been for years. However, with more online resumes available to job seekers to pull information; the resume has begun to die, in its sense of trust and worth.

"We teach people how to put a dynamic resume together. We write dynamic resumes. Full of accomplishments, specifics that speak direct to the employers. We use social media as a vital tool for job seekers. Their resumes are written in such a way it shows the employer what they are looking for, the information they need, while the job seeker remains in control" says Michele Unangst.

The day of the typical 2 to 3 page resume is dead in essence. The time to create a dynamic, interactive marketing portfolio is alive, well, and much needed in this job marketplace. It is a combination of Video Cover Letters, Social Job Profiles, Endorsements, Social Media, Resume Blogs, and more. "To compete in this marketplace, the job seeker has to understand that it is easier to give birth than raise the dead. Leave the old traditional "dead" resume behind and give birth to your new social marketing profile. You will get hired" says Michele Unangst. This is food for thought prior to submitting ones next "resume."

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