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Are Wood Burners the Future for Cutting Carbon Emissions?


Wandsworth, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2016 -- A recent report in The Smithsonian has made the interesting suggestion that wood-fired stoves could be a key element in cutting down household carbon emissions. The findings contained suggest that the average household could lower their carbon emissions by up to 50% by opting for an efficient wood-burning stove rather than typical gas/coal based methods of production. Although burning wood may not seem the most environmentally-friendly concept initially; burning sustainably sourced wood is set to have a smaller environmental impact than burning coal or gas for the same result. These findings are not only expected to have big implications in the US, but in the UK too.

A wood burning stove may not only be more efficient and release less carbon than coal or gas, but also can be incorporated into sustainable initiatives. For example, families may choose to burn wood sourced from forests where trees are replanted and the ecosystem maintained; like recycling.

Although the soot from stoves can be criticized in terms of it's potentially pollutant qualities, efforts can be taken to reduce this and instead improve combustion rates. When wood is burned as thoroughly as possible, there is less smoke, more heat and fewer fossil fuels used altogether. This could be considered an important combination for households going forward – and thus getting a high-efficiency wood stove matters. Keen to comment on this were Stonewoods, experts in the field:

"We stock a number of wood burning stoves and know the importance of efficient, effective models which burn wood as fully as possible. We also ensure our other stoves burn fuel as effectively as possible – so you can be assured in your choice. By using sustainably sourced, wood-based methods to heat your home, this could be a more sustainable way forward for 2016. Even if you opt for a more efficient better-designed stove or fire for your home this year, you will be making a positive contribution."

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