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Who’s on Ashley Madison is a new website built to address the data breach that Ashley Madison suffered. About 30 Million compromised accounts have been brought to light. This data breach has the potential to expose extramarital affairs as well as as potentially destroy a marriages and careers.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2015 -- A group of hackers, downloaded the files of what is being described as one of the most embarrassing and compromising data breaches. A new website called Who's on Ashley Madison (www.whos-on-ashley-madison.xyz) has revealed that the file size is about 10GB some of it being encrypted but teams of hackers around the world are decrypting batches at the time and posting them on online in torrents as well as on the dark web (websites only available on proxy networks like TOR)

Additionally many of the emails have not been verified by Ashley Madison. That means that there are slight possibilities that a small number of emails may not actually belong to the user. To help couples and individuals find out about the status of the email a new website Who's on Ashley Madison has offered a free email verification service to check the status of the email. Ashley Madison's has not obviously confirmed the authentication of the list but all news websites point that this data is real and accurate.

Ashley Madison's data include some 15,000 Military (.mil) government (.gov) as well as United Nations' (.un) addresses

About Who's On Ashley Madison
Who's on Ashley Madison is a website design to be a tool for couples and individuals to find out if their email has been compromised in the recent Ashley Madison's website data breach.

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