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Burlington, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Blackpencil Mobile Co. is pleased to announce the launching of its new product - The Patented Vestpak™-USafe™-Easypull™ was invented by George Freitas, of Laguna Hills, CA, who said, “this was created with one simple yet vital purpose: to save lives.” This is a system devised to be incorporated in the design of any regular backpack.

The system is arranged in three parts and is comprised of a bulletproof backpack of varying resistance, a patented quick-release system for speedy access to the vest and an app to notify and receive information from proper authorities.

The Vestpak™ will include a hidden vest comprised of bullet-proof material. The vest will be available in varying degrees of resistance.

The Easypull™ uses Velcro and specific handles incorporated into the Vestpak™ allowing easy and quick deployment of the bullet-proof vest system.

The Usafe™ app can work on its own or in conjunction with a small Bluetooth device, found inside the backpack or on a keychain, that is capable of turning the app on remotely notifying authorities and parents automatically of an incident/emergency situation in real time with a precise GPS tracking locator that can be used by parents and loved ones if need be.

All these systems are designed with one main purpose – to protect lives.

The idea about producing The Vestpak™-Easypull™-Usafe™ system comes from Blackpencil Mobile Co. It is a game, app and product developer. It is located in Southern California.

The company needs little help. Every volunteer can fund this project. The funding will be used about re-coding the original software to Android and Windows phone platforms, Bluetooth industrial design, Vestpak™ and Easypull™ backpack prototypes and testing and APP maintenances and updates after the release of the product.

The company has plans to develop a line of products that can be used in schools and outdoors to provide more security to every user.


Development of this product is being handled by Blackpencil mobile Company. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at thru email:

Telephone: 714-310-8856

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