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"Are You Ready to Speak Snackerpackerstackish?" Hilarious New Children's Book, the Wonders of Monkey Mac Teaches Skills with a Few (Dozen!) Laughs Along the Way

Written by Stephanie Harris, ‘The Wonders of Monkey Mac’ is a cheeky tale for kids, but parents will love it too.


Warren, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- In order to become a proud ‘Snackerpackerstackian’, readers of the quirky and fantastic new book by Stephanie Harris, ‘The Wonders of Monkey Mac’ will need to learn ‘The Great Snackerpackerstackian Song’.

It goes a little something like this…

"Snacker Packer Stacker’s are fun to eat
make a riddle or a rhyme or share them as a treat
you can snack'em, you can pack'em and you can stack'em...real high
Snacker Packer Stacker's keep you laughing all the time."

Pretty catchy!

Although ‘The Wonders of Monkey Mac’ is entertaining and tons of fun, with giggles and joy in every page, children will also learn while they read. Following a young monkey named Mac, who was raised as a human but is then forced to live in a zoo for a scientific experiment, the book teaches of the transformative power of friendship, faith, hope and love.

Containing riddles, rhymes and sing-a-long-songs, ‘The Wonders of Monkey Mac’ is a marvelous tool for teaching reading, math, rhyming skills and Spanish. Teachers and parents will be thrilled to see lessons about morality, bullying, competitiveness, sibling rivalry and more in this silly, smart and stupendous new book from an author to watch in 2014!

Official Synopsis:

The Wonders of Monkey Mac! Is a beloved children's comedy/adventure about real life challenges and the transforming power of faith, hope and love. It tells the story of a young monkey named Mac that was raised as a human and then eventually forced to live in a zoo under a new scientific experiment.

Mac doesn't like living in the zoo and escapes every chance he gets. Thanks to some new friends, Snac, Pac, Stac and Early-Earl, Mac learns a lot about life and making his own decisions. Will Mac survive living like a human or will he give in and become wild like the other monkeys in the zoo?

Come inside and discover a world full of pure fun, with rhymes, riddles and sign along songs.

Get ready to become great Snackerpackerstackians and learn to speak Snackerpackerstackish!

It is a gentle moral tale, based on a go-cart adventure where the boys compete against the girls and wind-up in a whole lot of trouble.

Since its initial release, ‘The Wonders of Monkey Mac’ has earned a five-star-rating on Amazon and become a favorite of children and parents alike.

“Oh my goodness....this book is absolutely the greatest children's story I have ever purchased. My nieces and nephew adores this book. The character names are beyond hilarious and kept the kids I read this story to, extremely interested and wanting more. Thanks Ms. Harris for such a wonderful children's treasure,” wrote Penny.

Ace Boogie called the book “better than Harry Potter” and went on to write: “This is by far the funniest, humble, creative book for children ever written. I would love to see this made into a movie! It was extremely creative ad the author must have been through a lot in her lifetime to come up with such a colorful cast of characters. I loved it!”

‘The Wonders of Monkey Mac’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1fQ06jo

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