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Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- For all those who believe that their phone is a multifunctional device and should allow them to stay in touch with the world around them Solavei is the right choice. Solavei is a social networking platform which enables its users to share, connect and capitalize on the immense power social networks hold today. Increase your business opportunities, stay in touch with friends, network with more contacts and do much more the Solavei way!

Solavei is an affordable and no-contract way to increase the potential of your phone, started on 21st September 2012. It offers a user unlimited text, voice chat and data services throughout USA at a mere price of only $49 per month. However, for those who want to advertise Solavei and help them grow their business, simply referring 12 new members will take care of the mobile bill and also help earn $800. Any good Solavei Review will explain that the services are amazing, letting the user enjoy unlimited 4G services on his or her phone nationwide.

“We are a company that aims to grow and change the way people run business. Our current CEO, Mr. Ryan Wuerch, has years of experience in the telecommunication industry and has a vision that will completely revolutionalise the way people use their phone. In fact, our services have attracted a lot of high profile brands as our partners, like AT&T, Walmart, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft, and T-Mobile”, states a proud employee.

A good Solavei Review will let potential customers understand the many benefits of joining the Solavei revolution . Apart from getting uninterrupted 4G services at just $49 nationwide, the referral program is what sets this company apart from others. Solavei is the first social ecommerce company that pays its customers for using them and referring them to friends and family. This and the many innovative plans they have to help their customers stand out and achieve their networking dreams is what make Solavei the best partner for your phone.

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