Are You Sure About the Right Camera to Buy, Is It the Point-and-Shoot or DSLRs?

The DSLT strengths are way more and are advantageous to the user depending on the occasion. The image quality is wonderful, due to its large image sensors it allows for larger pixel sizes which is very important in pictures.


Chennai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- The market is filled with different kinds of cameras, but we are going to look at the two main ones, i.e. high end point and shoot or the DSLR. First let’s look at the differences. Each camera type has its own advantages and disadvantages, with one being suitable in different occasion and the other being unsuitable. With the digital camera industry constantly changing and advancing towards a more sophisticated design, people really need to be careful. When it comes to High end Point and shoot VS DSLR, they are very close to each other when it comes to the features so people really need to look deeper into them so as to know which one is ideal for them.

Before we look at the main High end Point and shoot VS DSLR differences which include the advantages and disadvantages if each camera, let’s look at the megapixel of each. Although this is not the main determiner of which one is best, people need to look at the other aspects which make up each camera. The making reason why people should not consider the megapixel only is that the image sensor that is used in the point and shoot digital camera is usually a bit smaller that the image sensor in the DSLR, meaning that the pixels on a point and shoot camera have to be much less. Something to note is that the smaller the image sensor the lower the quality of the image.

So what exactly are DSLR (Digital, Single, Lens, Reflex) cameras? These are cameras that have removable lenses and also have a reflex mirror that is usually for live optical viewing through the lens taking the image. On a DSLR people can view the image they are about to take through the viewfinder. When it comes to the High end Point and shoot VS DSLR camera differences, we need also to look at what High end point shoot camera are: This is a film or a digital camera and the focus and the exposure setting are automatic. Basically with this camera, just aim and shoot and the camera does the rest.

The adaptability and the flexibility of changing lenses open new opportunities for the photographer. With the High end Point and shoot camera it simple and light to carry, and it is easy to use plus it is automatic, one do not need to set anything. The disadvantage about the High end Point and shoot is that the image quality is not that good, they are also slow compared to the DSLR and the manual controls are so limited one cannot do much as people can with the DSLR camera. The points on High end Point and shoot VS DSLR are many, but eventually it all matters with the photographer, the use of the camera and the occasion.

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