Area Inventor Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for "the Grate Spatula"

Vijay Malik, President of Kansas City based Max Space, Inc., is offering his latest revolutionary kitchen tool via Kickstarter, the world's largest funding platform for creative projects.


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Raised in a town known for its steaks, grilling and barbeque expertise, Malik’s has taken his passion for grilling and combined it with his proven sense of design and ability to solve niche problems.

“The Grate Spatula” has a patent pending design which simplifies grilling and optimizes flipping of food product.   The “teeth” built into the head of the spatula glide under food to scoop it up off the grill rather than tear food at the surface of the grate. Turn the spatula over and it doubles as a grill scraper for easy clean-up. If the meat going on the grill is being marinated, The Grate Spatula’s three spoon like dips are built into the design, allowing the spatula to scoop up marinade along with the meat and bastes the meat as it is flipped onto the grill. The Grate Spatula even has a bottle opener built into its hang hole.

The Grate Spatula particularly valuable when flipping burgers. The crusty texture and, intense flavor of meats cooked on a grill is a result of the Maillard Reaction, the interaction of reducing sugars and proteins within foods. The reaction works fastest at high temperatures through surface exposure. Contrary to popular belief, “smashing” burgers can actually enhance flavor/increase the Maillard Reaction as long as it is done soon after the burger is exposed to the grill or cooking surface. Until now, smashing burgers on the grill has resulted in meat loss through the grates. “The Grate Spatula” allows the grillmaster to smash the burger immediately, exposing more meat surface to the high temperatures needed for the Maillard Reaction while reducing the meat loss by allowing the smashed burger to be flipped intact. (Quote from Chef in here?)

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Information for funders:
The US patent is applied for, international patents will follow.  Manufacturers are proven vendors Max Space currently works with. Having demonstrated high quality controls, Max Space is confident the design and manufacture will result in a durable high quality product.

Production will start within the next month. Fulfillment will not be an issue as this team has a fulfillment house/process that is logistically sound. The finished product will be checked in as inventory and distributed with precision and reporting.

This project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Mon, Apr 14 2014 11:47 PM +05:30.

About Max Space, Inc.
Kansas City’s Max Space, Inc. has been developing and manufacturing consumer goods since 1997.  Their products have been sold in Wal-mart, K-mart, Target, HSN, QVC, among others. The majority of products have been made in the USA. Founded in 1997, it started out in 1990 as a sole proprietorship called Max Products.  After successfully developing several retail products in partnership with companies, Vijay Malik decided to develop his own. His first solo effort yielded the first plastic and steel tube combo modular over door shoe rack.  It is a standard in shoe organization today.  Ultimately the corporation Max Space was formed to brand and market its own proprietary patented products. Visit for Butter Space, Media Space and Shoe Space products.

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