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Arem Wellness Discusses Household Chemicals and Possible Link to Thyroid Disease


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2016 -- Recent media attention and scientific studies have shined a light on potential health risks surrounding common household chemicals, particularly flame retardant chemicals that can be found throughout the environment. A recent study conducted by Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health demonstrated significant risks for thyroid diseases, especially in post-menopausal women. Dr. Ridha Arem, the thyroid health specialist behind Arem Wellness, has warned and emphasized in his publications that these chemicals can interfere with healthy thyroid function and natural hormone levels. "Exposure to environmental pollutants can lead to a variety of thyroid problems," says Dr. Arem. "Elevated blood levels of fire retardant chemicals can increase the risk of developing hyperthyroidism, goiter, or Hashimoto's disease." To learn more about Dr. Arem and his experience treating thyroid diseases, visit

A class of flame retardant chemicals known as PBDEs or polybrominated diphenyl ethers are commonly used in the manufacture of home furnishings like carpets, furniture, and draperies. Over time, these chemicals can leach out of the furniture and settle out in dust. Inhalation of household dust containing these chemicals causes them to accumulate in people's bodies, especially in fatty tissues and the liver. Several major studies have shown that high levels of these chemicals can interfere with thyroid function. In post-menopausal women, the risk is even higher. "Chemicals like PBDEs and other pollutants can mimic the effects of naturally-occurring hormones in the human body," adds Dr. Arem. "Reducing exposure to these dangerous substances is the first step toward improved thyroid health."

The Texas Thyroid Institute is a specialty medical practice located in Houston, Texas. Dr. Arem is a world-renowned endocrinologist, educator, and author who has developed health programs that support thyroid function. A healthy thyroid and appropriate body hormone levels lead to improved quality of life by helping to combat depression and anxiety and reducing cardiovascular risks such as high blood pressure. His innovative Protein Boost Diet has helped many patients safely lose excess weight by balancing efficiency of growth hormone and leptin in the body. The clinical practice helps patients live healthier, happier lives, free of the effects that thyroid diseases can have on the human body.

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Founded by world-renowned thyroid and metabolism expert Dr. Ridha Arem, author of The Thyroid Solution and The Protein Boost Diet, the Texas Thyroid Institute is a specialist clinical practice that specializes in diagnosing and treating thyroid disorders in men and women. The practice is centered on healthy thyroid function. Based in Houston, Texas, Dr. Arem is a board-certified endocrinologist and expert on human metabolism. His practice helps patients regain thyroid function and undergo healthy weight loss programs.

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