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Argan Oil Pure Sources the Best Arabian Argan Oil for Australian Customers


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2013 -- The beauty industry has no shortage of creams, pills, lotions and potions promising all manner of effects. If a person wishes to have shiny, soft hair, they might have to use shampoo, conditioner, curling iron treatment and nourishing scalp balm to achieve the perfect balance. The story is the same with clear skin and strong nails, so that individuals have to buy so many items it quickly becomes hard to afford. Australian company Argan Oil Pure sources and imports pure Argan oil in Australia to provide people with an all natural, all in one solution to these beauty needs.

Argan oil is naturally produced by the Argan plant and has been harvested and utilized by Moroccan’s for centuries, and is thought to be responsible for the even, glowing olive skin found through much of the Mediterranean. Argan oil has been known to be called liquid gold by its users for its myriad of positive effects for skin, hair and nails.

Argan Oil Pure selects only the best sources of pure, all-natural Argan oil which is extracted in its essence and transported directly to Australia, so those wishing for a perfect beach body can begin smoothing and soothing their skin to see dramatic improvements in weeks.

A spokesperson for Argan Oil Pure explained, “Argan Oil has been shown to have many beneficial effects for both women and men concerned about the quality of their skin, hair and nails. It helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, can improve acne, Psoriasis and Eczema, and even reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin caused by abrasions, burns or bruises. With inherent anti-aging effects that include tightening the skin and increasing its elasticity, it is a perfect all-round product to improve the wellbeing of skin, as well as giving hair shine and strength and making nails healthy and robust. A single treatment has not yet been found to match Argan Oil’s overall effects.”

About Argan Oil Pure
Argan Oil is a naturally occurring oil extracted from the Moroccan Argan plant. Also known as Moroccan Oil, Argan Oil is a proven beauty enhancer that will give users the results they have always wished for. Argan Oil Pure provides the very best, highest quality Argan Oil in Australia. For more information, please visit: