Ariano & Reppucci Arizona Bankruptcy Attorneys Announce Free Case Review for Potential Clients


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- Arizona bankruptcy attorneys Ariano & Reppucci are now offering free case review to potential clients who visit their website. The professional firm has been handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in Arizona for many years and they understand all aspects of bankruptcy law and are able to anticipate the questions that potential clients may have. A firm spokesperson said, “We understand that many people facing bankruptcy are confused, scared and a bit reluctant to call or walk into a law office. For that reason we allow potential clients to contact us for a free case review directly on our website from the privacy of their home or office.”

Those facing bankruptcy in Arizona can visit the Ariano & Reppucci website and featured very prominently on the home page is the embedded form that lets the prospective clients enter their information and receive a free case study. The process is rather simple and all visitors to the site need do is enter their name, email address, phone number and a brief description of their case. Once they have submitted their information they can choose whether to be contacted via phone, or if they are ready to speak with a firm representative they can chat live directly from the website.

This initial case review is free of charge and provides prospective clients with enough information for them to decide if they want to proceed with an office visit. Should they choose to visit the firm, they will be greeted by knowledgeable professionals in and office that has a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Whether browsing the website of the Arizona bankruptcy attorneys visiting one of the attorneys in person, the individual can expect to learn everything they need to know about bankruptcy. Working under the philosophy that knowledge is power, the attorneys at Ariano & Reppucci address each and every issue that someone filing bankruptcy would be interested in. These include the common myths about filing for bankruptcy, the issues surrounding bankruptcy and taxes, how to repair credit after a bankruptcy and how to deal with debt settlement companies.

About Ariano Reppucci
Ariano Reppucci believe that bankruptcy is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and should not be taken lightly. Sometimes bankruptcy is the best solution and sometimes it is not. Since their bankruptcy attorneys also handle debt settlement, they are able to provide an unbiased opinion as to one's best financial course of action.

Media Contact: Christopher Ariano
Location: Tucson, AZ