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Arise and Shine: Powerful New Book Helps Christian Women Juggle Life's Demands & Still 'Shine'

With millions of women juggling motherhood, careers and their relationship with God, few are aware that they can still shine like a princess. Having experienced their same troubles, Jane Paul uses her latest book to teach women how to tap into their God-given potential and shine in all areas of life.


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- California’s Jane Paul has spent life juggling her roles as a wife, mother, professional business woman and minister. However, through decades of learning, she managed to balance her demands and still shine. In her latest book, Jane is sharing every candid lesson she learned, in the hope other biblical women can emerge successful.

‘Arise and Shine: Juggling It All and Still Finding the Princess in You’ proves that God’s will for all women is a balanced life full of beauty, joy and bold faith.


You are a princess by design! God created women with great potential and despite the many roles they have to play, He instilled in each special grace. Many are trapped in to these roles due to their overwhelming nature and literally get lost in them.

From Dr. Jane Paul comes a book that will lift the Christian woman to be the Woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister and Christian that she was created to be. Arise and Shine will enable you to rise above the labels the crowd has placed on you, overcome obstacles that present themselves in life’s journey, tap into your God given potential, rise above the mockery of Penninahs in your life, explore the key principles of rising and shining while juggling all and utilizing your talents/gifting and converting them into formats that will last years after you are gone.

As the author explains, millions of women deserve a better and more balanced life.

“I did not write this book because I have mastered the art of it all, but because I have learned great and very valuable lessons that have motivated me through the years to a point that I can confidently say, it is possible to juggle all of life’s demands and still shine as a princess,” says Jane.

Continuing, “By the time I completed this book, I knew for sure that it is not God's will for a woman, daughter of the most high to always be on the move and running like a chicken with its head cut off. We are created to balance things and at the same time smell the flowers in this journey.”

Critics praise the author for her diligent efforts to positively change the lives of others. However, even with so much success, Jane refuses to lose sight of what is truly important.

“It is my prayers that this book will inspire you, challenge you and propel you in to becoming the princess that you were created to be,” she adds.

‘Arise and Shine: Juggling It All and Still Finding the Princess in You’ is available now: http://bit.ly/Y3SZQS

About the Author: Dr. Jane Paul
Dr. Jane Paul is a Developmental Specialist by profession. She is the founder and Clinical Director of Excella Developmental Services. She is also the founder of The Winning Ladies International, an organization whose mission is to empower ladies to be the women, wives, mothers, daughters and sisters that they were created to be. By providing mentoring opportunities (women mentoring women), young girls can be mentored by professional ladies in different career paths.

She believes in women provoking each other to great exploits. She desires to see women (both young, old and in between) put their dreams, talents and gifting into a format that will be remembered years after they leave this earth. One way to accomplish that is by providing an affordable way to publish their work through the Winning Ladies Publishers. Dr. Paul has been instrumental in organizing Women conferences both locally and internationally. She is married to John Njoroge Paul and is a mother to two boys, Ryan 12 and Alex 7. They reside in Sacramento, California.