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Arizona Express Blinds Offers Discounted Window Treatments to Help Homeowners Reduce Energy Consumption


Goodyear, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Arizona Express Blinds, a local Phoenix area window treatment company, realizes that energy cost are hurting Arizonans financially. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for approximately half of an average home’s energy costs in the U.S. That's why Arizona Express Blinds is now offering a line of window treatment solutions to help conserve energy during both the summer and winter seasons.

One of the most energy efficient products available are cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades. The way cellular shades help to reduce energy consumption is by blocking the heat transfer out of the home in the winter and blocking heat transfer into the home in the summer. These shades are manufactured with "cell" sized holes that are designed to prevent hot air from flowing through the window treatment.

It's no secret in Phoenix that sunscreens on the outside of your home will help to block some of the heat from the sun. Exterior sunscreens are another energy saving alternative that Arizona Express Blinds is now providing homeowners. Much like cellular shades, exterior sunscreens will block the heat transfer into your home. The sunscreens are extremely durable and withstand many years of constant abuse from the Arizona sun.

In addition, both options provide help to screen home furnishings from damage that may be cause by the suns UV rays. "We take real pride in being able to provide our customers with not only beautiful window treatments , but also provide additional ways for them to save money," said Porter Carey, Design Consultant and Owner of Arizona Express Blinds in Goodyear, AZ. "We recommend window treatments to a customer, we consider far more than just how it will look. We also think about how it will impact their wallet."

In order to promote more Phoenix area residents to consider these energy conserving methods, Arizona Express Blinds is offering an End of Year Sales Event. The End of Year Sales Event will provide customers with 35% off any cellular shades or exterior sunscreens. To find out more about this sale or to learn more about additional ways to conserve energy with window treatments, call (623) 282-1182 or visit

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The company serves local Phoenix area homeowners by offering the convenience of free in-home design consultations, bring hundreds of product samples and colors straight to the homeowner. Arizona Express Blinds also provides professional installation services, ensuring the perfect fit. For more information, call (623) 282-1182 or visit

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