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Arizona Non-Profit Urges Americans to Adopt a Family, Senior or Vet for Christmas

Having given dedicated service to the community for many years, Charity Never Faileth spreads their wings farther afield, with a direct call to the nation.


Mesa, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- With the struggling U.S economy hindering thousands from getting back on their feet, the upcoming Christmas season lacks the spark and magic that it should boast. However, one Arizona-based charity aims to change the lives of thousands this December by making a direct call for Americans to adopt those in need.

Charity Never Faileth, a non-profit organization based in Mesa, has been a cornerstone of their local community for many years. However, having noticed a widespread national crisis, the organization is now urging the entire country to step up to the charitable plate.

“With all the turmoil, uncertainty, and loss of work, there are far more people needing help and will need help this year for Christmas. There is not any other website that people can donate to or apply to for help this year of this kind in the Phoenix area,” says Loretta Broughton, Development Administrations Director for the organization.

By calling on Americans to consider adopting a Family, Senior or Veteran, Charity Never Faileth hopes to directly impact over four thousand families. This would include up to twenty thousand children and thousands of Seniors/Veterans who would otherwise spend Christmas alone.

Through personal donations and corporate sponsorship, the organization is confident that it will reach its goal. While the numbers may be high, Broughton makes it clear that the need for support is obvious.

“With all the people needing help, none of this is possible without the generous donations and sponsors, nor is it any good without getting out to make people aware that there is some extra help. But, the more donations we have the more families and individuals we can help,” she adds.

Interested individuals, groups and corporations are urged to get in touch to find out how digging deep can spread a lot of Christmas cheer this year.

For more information, please visit Charity Never Faileth online: http://www.charityneverfaileth.us

About Charity Never Faileth
Charity Never Faileth is based in Mesa, Arizona - a Tax Exempt Organization; 501c3-pending.

Their mission is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community. They provide service and the tools needed to plan, implement, and evaluate effective service through projects and events within communities.

Effective service projects do more than just offer a quick fix for problems.

- Respond to real issues
- Improve lives within the community
- Incorporate the abilities of those who are served
- Recognize the contributions of all participants as important and necessary
- Are based on a realistic assessment of available resources
- Aim for specific goals and objectives with measurable results
- Build effective networks
- Empower people and communities

Selecting a project can be a difficult decision and one project cannot possibly address all the issues a community faces. The organization is committed and determined on projects which will have the greatest impact. They are continually developing strong community support and involvement by improving access to local resources and fostering friendship and goodwill.