Arlington Texas's Unique Annual Food Drive 'Robin on the Roof' Announced to Begin May 30

“Robin on the Roof”, a innovative and eye opening food drive, is set to begin May 30th at All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington, Texas to much excitement and anticipation.


Arlington, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- There are few problems that affect more families in America today than hunger. Old and young alike go to bed hungry and, sadly, this issue sometimes is slipped under the rug and goes unnoticed. Not if Robin Evans of “Robin on the Roof” has anything to say about it!

“Robin on the Roof” is an annual food drive where starting on May 30th, Robin will go up on the roof of the All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington, Texas and not come down until 85,000 lbs of food is collected. Not only does this directly help the hungry, but the attention this brings to the important issue is absolutely priceless.

“There's a need for food donations all year round not just over the holidays when many people think of donating,” commented a friend of Robin's who helps with the project. “By holding this drive at the end of May, when it's hot and people's minds may otherwise be elsewhere, it's a great way to draw attention back to the hungry people who need it most.”

Far from just a local event the drive draws donations from supporters world-wide. Many donors choose to donate to their local food pantries, something Robin encourages. Donations can be in the form of food or in much needed cash, where $1 counts towards five pounds off the total goal set for the year.

The response to the food drive has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. In the past major news services have done pieces on “Robin on the Roof”, on top of her vocal supporters from every walk of life.

Emily G., a blogger who writes about social issues recently said, “Robin on the Roof is an example of thinking differently to help a great cause. Doing the right thing can be exciting and it can be fun. It really deserves all our support and I hope it inspires others to think outside of the box too!”

One thing is certain. Many families will go to bed with a full stomach and a smile thanks to the hard work of Robin Evans and the team behind “Robin on the Roof”.

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About Robin on the Roof
Robin on the Roof is a food drive event in partnership with several Churches. The year the event is hosted at All Saints Lutheran Church at 4325 SW Green Oaks Blvd Arlington, Texas 76017.