Shape and Slim

Arm Toner Sleeves from Shape & Slim Help Women Achieve Toned Arms

Tone Sleeves Use Firming Knits that Help Tighten Sagging Arms


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2016 -- As the Spring and Summer months fast approach, women across the country are looking at their bodies and trying to find ways to improve them. From dieting and exercise, to flattering clothing, women want to look great and feel confident in their own skin. Fortunately, one company in particular has picked up the proverbial mantle and is steadily helping women appreciate their arms and obtain features that are more toned and firmed. The Shape and Slim Tone Sleeves are designed to do just that – to fight the sagging skin of the arms. These comfortable, stretchy sleeves are characterized by all natural ingredients and non-restrictive knits that help eliminate fat. They are sure to be popular, sought-after products in the coming months as women seek to improve their natural beauty.

Shape and Slim Tone Sleeves include millions of microcapsules that contain all-natural active ingredients that work throughout the day to tighten the skin. The ingredients include:

- Rosehip Oil: stimulates collagen and restores skin's elasticity
- Root Extract: improves micro-circulation and protect the veins
- Algae Extract: rich in ceramid it facilitates the hydration of the skin
- Green Coffee: anti-cellulite action, "fat-burning effect"

The fabric used to create shapely arms features an exclusive "wave" knit that performs a continuous rolling massage on the skin to activate micro-circulation – effectively reducing the orange peel effect and toning the skin. Each garment performs like a massage to activate micro-circulation and help eliminate fat. Being both ultra-comfortable and discreet, the shapewear can be worn under any garment. Shape and Slim offers three colors (black, white, & nude) to ensure the sleeves are invisible under clothing of all colors. In essence, this allows women to feel confident wearing the sleeves during their everyday routine.

In clinical studies done with Shape and Slim products, 98% of women acknowledged a toning and firming of the skin. 85% of women acknowledged a smoother skin. Studies demonstrated a substantial reduction of inches on arm circumferences within 5 days per week, 8 hours per day for 28 day.

"We recognize that looking great and feeling great is important to everyone," said owner and founder of Shape and Slim Philip Lahmani. He went on to say, "Ultimately, the Tone Sleeves are a welcome tool to help women feel confident again wearing a sleeveless top!"

About Shape and Slim®
Shape and Slim® develops unique and innovative shape wear solutions for women. Unlike most brands that simply hide flaws, Shape & Slim goes to work to help reduce of unsightly cellulite while improving your circulation. Shape & Slim features are exceptional because of a seamless fabric imported mainly from Italy that enables the products to be comfortable and stretchy. Each garment has a unique delivery system that contains microcapsules of natural active ingredients embedded in the fabric that result in slimming, shaping, toning and firming.