Armstrong's School of Singing

Armstrong's School of Singing Launches with Free Vocal Assessment


Kew, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Singing is to talking as running is to walking. For those who have always wondered whether they have a voice, and those who have spent years training it, the benefit of a good teacher can make the difference and unlock the potential that can transform a voice from good to great. A new school has recently opened in Australia for those who wish to discover their voice: Armstrong’s School of Singing. To celebrate the launch, they are offering a free vocal assessment for newcomers.

The company offers singing lessons in Melbourne Australia, for all levels from beginner to expert. Their team of singing coaches is headed up by Adam Wood, a professional singer for over 17 years, Alyssa Walton, who specialises in musical theatre, and Amy Evans, who concentrates on classical singing.

The singing lessons include instruction on vocal technique for all levels, preparations for exams or auditions, performance and microphone technique and interpretation to other languages, like the Italian and German often sung in opera. The lessons begin with basic ideas such as alignment, breath management, relaxing and opening the throat and developing speech techniques like enunciation before developing the singing voice.

To celebrate the launch, they are offering a free vocal assessment to newcomers, which will identify their range and initial capabilities and provide a roadmap for future lessons, including what techniques require development and what strengths can be identified.

A spokesperson for the school explained, “We are a new school offering a tried and tested approach to developing singers new and advanced, young and old. Our amazing team has worked hard and achieved great things in the diverse industry of professional singing and can pass along that insider knowledge to students, whatever their aim. The free assessment is designed to draw attention to the school and engage newcomers with our method, which good humour, enthusiasm and a relaxed atmosphere.”

About Armstrong’s School of Singing
Armstrong’s School of Singing believes that anyone can achieve their singing dreams. They are dedicated to providing all students, from beginners wanting to conquer their fears to professionals wanting the tools to further develop their voice, with a solid technical foundation and no-nonsense approach. Students learn how to achieve freedom with their singing instrument, forging the path to real vocal development and worry free vocal production across all styles. For more information, please visit: