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Aroma Remembers: Life-Changing New Book Tackles Bullying Epidemic by Empowering Youngsters with Positive Energy

Written by renowned Spiritual Healer, Cecelia May Brown, ‘Aroma Remembers’ uses spiritual techniques and principles to help young readers become centred, empowered and grounded. With the power to tackle the bullying that blights many young lives, Brown’s book is resonating with readers from coast to coast.


Lake Worth, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- The statistics say it all, with one in three young people falling victim to serious bullying. While many schools and authorities have implemented external measures to help those in need, a life-changing new book by Cecelia May Brown is helping children empower themselves to stand tall through proven spiritual principles.

‘Aroma Remembers: A Magical Tale of Spiritual Awakening’ is more than just a story; it’s a resource that satisfies the vital need for youngsters to use the powers within to stay strong and well-grounded.


This book provides a fresh perspective on the complex subject of modern bullying, in an entertaining context. Spiritual principles are interspersed throughout this narrative that also includes romance, adventure and magic.

An often humorous approach is used in a nuanced and multi-faceted fashion to address the serious issues facing our youth, in a way that all can relate.

As the author explains, her book presents a unique yet truly compelling opportunity for young people to avoid the bullying statistics and foster positive growth in many areas of their developing lives.

“It demonstrates how to approach bullying from a spiritual perspective. I started it before bullying became such a hot issue. I truly believe it can give many youngsters the tools they can use to become centered, empowered, strong and grounded,” says Brown, a Cornell University and Northeastern Law School graduate.

Continuing, “Not only are there many practical yet spiritual techniques and principles imparted in it, there's also a lot of positive energy downloaded, as well. So, someone can receive this positive energy from just holding and meditating with the book. It also has a rich vocabulary obtained from my childhood spent as an avid reader.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews:

“Aroma Remembers is a delightful, imaginative, and joyful story. From beginning to end, Brown captivates the attention with a magical, mystical offering filled with life lessons and spiritual principles applied to the problem of teenage bullying. It’s the Golden Rule meeting Quantum Physics and will inspire young and old,” says Rev. Joanna Gabriel Unity of Miami Gardens, Florida.

Life coach Tammy Swaine was equally as impressed. She said, “Cecelia May Brown’s wonderful ability to express and teach universal truths is brilliantly brought to fore in her storytelling about the lives of a group of teenagers. This is an exciting and refreshing read on how to incorporate these spiritual principles in our daily lives.”

With many youths crying out for direction for themselves, from their parents and society, Brown is confident her book is of significant importance to those feeling isolated or lost.

“This book can be a stepping stone to showing them an alternative way of being. It's especially important for teenage girls to not externalize their self-worth and find ways to love themselves; while it's equally important for teenage boys to love themselves and be able to verbalize any challenges they may be having, before it becomes explosive,” she concludes.

‘Aroma Remembers : A Magical Tale of Spiritual Awakening’ is available now: http://amzn.to/11Y1ewl

About the Author: Cecelia May Brown
Cecelia May Brown was born in Jamaica, W.I. After her family moved to New York, she attended the Bronx H.S. of Science, as well as Cornell University and Northeastern University’s School of Law. Some time after graduation, Brown became an Administrative Law Judge, while simultaneously pursuing her spiritual/metaphysical interests.

The author became a board member of the Unity Church in D.C., and upon moving to Florida, an ordained metaphysical minister.