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AromaWorks Redefines Home Aromatherapy with New Luxurious Scented Candles


Berkshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- Soon after its launch in 2009, the UK-based AromaWorks became a huge success at home and in Europe and the USA. The company offers luxurious scented candles made in-house with the use of natural ingredients by a team of experienced professionals. Their product range has expanded to include home fragrance reed diffusers and electric diffusers, room mists and essential oils. Aromatherapy at home has never been more blissful and relaxing.

The luxurious scented candles of AromaWorks contain the finest natural ingredient. They are soy and beeswax-based. The aromatic ingredients are essential oils which are made following the best traditions. The products of the brand contain no paraffin and petroleum-based chemical compounds. They are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. They are pure, beautiful and natural.

The philosophy of the company's founder and lead designer, Jane Hibbert, is simple. She shares, "I wanted to take aromatherapy treatments into people's homes…There is a complex alchemical blend of up to 9 essential oils in each candle. Each essential oil is carefully chosen to work synergistically on not one, but three levels - scent, emotions and spiritually too!" The scented candles can help you achieve complete relaxation by taking all the stress away and delivering joy to the senses.

The range of AromaWorks aromatherapy products offers a variety of candles. You can select from small, medium and large 3-wick scented candles, signature candles and duo box candle sets. These can be used for all kinds of aromatherapy treatments at home. They can be beautifully packaged and decorated to make fabulous wedding candles.

It is possible to enhance the home aromatherapy experience with the essential oils of AromaWorks. The traditional reed diffusers are an excellent choice for the living room and bedroom and even for the office. The more modern home fragrance options include gorgeously designed electric diffusers. The fresh room mists offer a variety of therapeutic benefits as well.

The Essential Rose collection is the latest one launched by AromaWorks. The blend of seven essential oils featuring Moroccan Rose, Violet Leaf, Mandarin and Patchouli brings harmony and peace and boosts the mood. The Nurture product collection is based on five essential oils with the main ones being May Chang, Roman Chamomile and Sandalwood. It will nurture your mind, soul and body generously. For perfect harmony, consider the Yin and Yang products based on exotic ingredients like Ylang Ylang, Ho Leaf and Nutmeg.

In order to provide complete relaxation and revitalization, the Serenity collection products use Lemon Grass, Neroli and Geranium among other essential oils. The fresh combination of Geranium, Bergamot, Black Pepper and Lime in the Inspire products offers inspiration and complete rejuvenation. The Soulful collection is designed to provide an energy boost and positive emotions with its essential oil ingredients featuring Juniper Berry, Frankincense, Bay and Bergamot.

Relaxation, reenergising, rejuvenation and pure delight are among the main therapeutic benefits of the AromaWorks scented candles, essential oils and home fragrance products. The careful formulation, the natural ingredients, the professional make and the extensive testing have made the products of the brand a huge success. Both the product range and the market share of the company are expected to expand.

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