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Arrange My Funeral – Bringing Affordable Pre-Paid Funeral Plans to British Public


Cheshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- As the costs of funeral prices in the United Kingdom continue to rise, pre-paid funeral plans such as those provided by Arrange My Funeral are fast becoming one of the most cost effective ways to pay for funeral arrangements.

Costs of funerals have risen 88% per cent since 2004 alone. Ten years on, the average funeral cost in 2014 was £3609 yet that number is projected to increase massively over the following ten years. By 2024, the average cost will be £6,801 and by 2031 this will have increased again to £11,196.

These numbers have led to an increase of families struggling to pay the costs of funerals, with 42% of families in 2014 having struggled to meet the costs related to a loved one's funeral. On average, a shortfall of £2,371 was reported from families that had struggled with the finances required for funeral services.

This is why taking out a prepaid funeral plan such as those offered by Arrange My Funeral and their partners Safe Hands Funerals can be vitally important for the financial wellbeing of a family in the event of the death of a family member. These plans allow for the freezing of funeral directors costs in the future and ensure that the costs and plans for a funeral have been met long before death.

A range of funeral plans are available from Arrange My Funeral and Safe Hands Funerals, with the costs of each being based on the services that a customer may want in their funeral plan. These plans are affordable across the board, with no plan costing more than the average funeral rate for 2014.

The Topaz plan is the most cost effective and is much more affordable than the average funeral price in the UK, costing only £1,955 and covers all of the most important expenses of a funeral. There are a further three plans, with the Pearl, Sapphire and Ruby plans all available for £2,945, £3,195 and £3,595 respectively.

Regardless of the chosen plan, all pre-paid funeral plans can be purchased by making monthly instalments or paying in one transaction of preferred. This guarantees that in the event of their passing, all customers will have fully arrange and pre-paid funeral plans that will be executed independent trust fund managers, meaning that no further costs or financial burdens are placed upon the family of the deceased.

Choosing a pre-paid funeral plan allows for people to be safe in the knowledge that the costs of their funeral have already been dealt with. Grieving family members will not be tasked with making any payments towards the cost of the funeral, providing all customers with a sound piece of mind.

About Arrange My Funeral
Arrange My Funeral provides affordable pre-paid funeral plans to residents of the United Kingdom. Working in partnership with Safe Hands Funerals has allowed a comprehensive selection of some of the most affordable funeral plans in the country based on recent research.

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