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Arrowstar: Soul-Balming New Fiction Series Invites Readers to Saddle-Up for Rare Glimpse Into Lives of 'Women Gone West'

Written by C.K. Thomas, the ‘Arrowstar Series’ allows all women to live out their Wild West fantasies with a group of heroines who have replaced subways and office cubicles with horses and icy-cold creeks. The series’ three volumes tell the story of Hoosier Star Lance, who relocates to a small Arizona town to establish an antiques store; connecting with a group of women who exemplify the region’s pioneering spirit. While Lance’s new life isn’t without its complications, her uplifting story is being cherished from coast to coast by women who have always dreamed of living out West, riding through desert Cottonwood trees on a horse and enjoying life’s great adventure to the fullest.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2014 -- Millions of women live their lives in a state sociologists call “Automatic Mode”; repeating the same monotonous routine day after day, with little variation or spontaneity. Many dream of packing up their life, moving out West and living a simple new life with gusto. A new fiction series by author C.K. Thomas depicts the life of a woman who did just that. Her name is Star Lance, and she is about to become every American woman’s new best friend.

Her story plays out in the ‘Arrowstar Series’, currently comprised of two books – ‘Arrowstar’ and ‘Charade’. Volume three, ‘The Storm Women’ is available for Amazon pre-order for delivery on October 15th, offering a trilogy of intelligent escapism that will sooth the soul of any habitual clock-watcher.


Arrowstar: Set in a small southeastern Arizona mining town, Arrowstar revolves around the success or failure of Arrowstar Antiques and Star Lance, the woman who owns it. Star likes to drive her Jeep in the fast lane, but can she outrun whoever wants something from her store’s inventory that she purchased from the estate of a rumored old-time train robber? Determined to make a go of a new life in a place far from Indiana and reminders of her husband's untimely death, Star connects with a trio of women who refuse to let her accept defeat.

Charade: Star Lance runs an antique store named Arrowstar in the sleepy southwestern town of Mineral City, Arizona. You’d guess her life might be rather quiet. But, when Star uncovers events back in the 1800s leading to the Storm family’s men abandoning their families, her life gets turned upside down. Star’s best friend ends up in trouble just as revelations about the past begin to play havoc with the present.

The Storm Women: The protagonist from the Arrowstar Series, Star Lance writes historical fiction and The Storm Women represents Star’s 2nd historical novel. Set in rural Arizona’s southeastern corner near Willcox, the novel’s Storm women take you on a uniquely-feminine journey though the Wild West of 19th Century Arizona. Find out why the Storm women must navigate this dangerous era without the men who fathered their babies. From the early days of burlesque right up to present day Arizona, travel the back roads with these courageous women.

“The West really is a totally different world, and those women arriving from other parts of the country have a unique opportunity to embrace the pioneering spirit that is tightly woven into the region’s cultural fabric. This is of course a total contrast to the lives they had before, where traffic noise drowned out the birds and looking up at night was a view spoiled by street lamps and light pollution,” explains Thomas.

Continuing, "The women in the Arrowstar Series are a family of their own; Kat runs a horse outfit, Star writes novels to keep the power on in her struggling antiques store, Carla owns a bar and Ricki works a ranch with her husband. It’s a much more innocent existence that remains very true to life and culture in Southeastern Arizona. Imagine riding home from work and then dipping your feet into the icy water of the creek you can see from your porch; that’s Star’s new life. For a brief moment, it can now also be the life of any reader.”

Since its release, the series has garnered a string of rave reviews. Carol J. Holloway comments “I always love a mystery and Arrowstar did not disappoint me. When an author takes me on a journey that I can visualize the characters and all the places where the story takes place, the time spent reading is so worth it.”

G. Meyer was equally as impressed, adding, “Cheryl has told an interesting story and has told it well. She created believable characters and put them in a colorful western setting. The story unfolds with clever twists and turns that capture our attention and keep us rooting for the good guys. Cheryl's knowledge of and love for Arizona culture and history are evident in her detailed descriptions of places and events.”

There’s plenty more to come from Star and her friends. With ‘The Storm Women’ due for imminent release, interested readers are urged to start on the series as soon as possible.

The ‘Arrowstar Series’ is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1myB7tD, and from all e-book vendors including Apple, Smashwords, Barnes and Nobel and more.

Book one will be available for free download during the entire month of October. All three volumes will soon be available in paperback format from Amazon and local bookstores.

Book four, ‘A Train Robber’s Tale’, is slated for release in 2015.
Author’s official website: http://ckthomasauthor.blogspot.com.

About Cheryl Thomas
Cheryl Thomas is an Arizona native, who through an accident of birth was born in Kokomo, Indiana. She always knew she was a cowgirl at heart, so she moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1976 with her husband and three children.

Cheryl has traveled extensively in Arizona and the Southwest by both 4-wheel drive truck and Harley Davidson motorcycle. She also spent three years traveling solo in a 26-foot motorhome exploring the back roads of America before resettling in Phoenix. She enjoys living in the Arizona desert with her husband and two long-haired Chihuahuas and spending time on their ranch near Willcox, Arizona.

Cheryl worked for the Arizona Republic newspaper for 16 years and served as publications editor for a large United Methodist Church for six. Arrowstar and Charade are the first two books in her Arrowstar series. Look for her earlier novel, Honor Bound, also in Kindle format. Expect publication of The Storm Women on October 15, 2014 and A Train Robber's Tale in 2015; both are companion books as if written by Star Lance, the protagonist of the Arrowstar series.