Art Collectors Can Save Thousands on Original Paul Ray Effinger Sculptures

Effinger merges digital technology with ancient artist techniques to produce award winning bronze sculptures.


Leander, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- Paul Ray Effinger has just won the ‘Best of Show’ award for his bronze sculpture Volnus at the 2013 Texas Art Hop competition, beating 620 other artistic entries from 200 artists.

Although the sculpture sold for $15,500 at the show, Effinger will be letting the 18 inch tall statue go for $9,500 to one person who will help him to produce his next bronze sculpture, titled Artifice.

Effinger will also be giving discounts on other pieces of his work to help reach his target amount of $4,500 by November 21.

Effinger has always been drawn to figurative art and sculpture. As he grew up he found that he had a talent to produce such work. After changing his career path from mechanical engineer to animation artist, Effinger eventually retired to spend more time working on his figurative sculpting. Because of his engineering background, Effinger finds it easy to produce his sculptures using traditional artist techniques with modern digital technology. He uses an updated version of an ancient technique called lost-wax foundry.
- First he uses CAD software to make a detailed design of the object.
- He prints the object with hi-resolution 3D printers.
- He creates molds and bronze castings from the 3D prints.
- He welds and finishes the bronze castings to make the sculpture.

Because of the detail involved with the pieces, the mold has to be split into several pieces which makes the process even harder and increases the chances of errors being made with the sculpture.

Where other artists may choose to design the sculptures but then outsource the foundry process, Effinger prefers to do everything himself and states that to outsource the process would cost twice as much as the costs to perform the foundry himself. However, the foundry process is a complicated one relying on every stage being 100 percent successful. One bronze sculpture can take months to complete.

Effinger is asking art patrons to help him bring the matching figure to Volnus, Artifice, to life by donating funds to his Kickstarter campaign. As a thank you for their support, Effinger will give away a number of limited edition: prints, plaster and bronze bas reliefs, bronze Artifice patron medallions and even the bronze sculptures of Volnus and Artifice depending on how much is pledged. Effinger states that both bronze statues will be given at a considerably lower price than what they would normally be sold for stating, “It is not much above my cost to manufacture it (Artifice). However, I’d rather sculpt and have someone enjoy it than not sculpt at all.”

About Paul Ray Effinger
Paul Ray Effinger has produced a total of four bronze sculptures since 2005. He uses digital software, a keen artist’s eye, live models and the ancient method of lost-wax casting to painstakingly create each sculpture.

More information about his Artifice campaign can be found at: