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Art of Ink Painting: New Book Presents the Works of Valentina Battler

Spanning a wide field of artistic culture, the oeuvre of Valentina Battler has a unique talent of possessing the universal. In her latest book, Battler’s works are displayed for all to enjoy.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- Many have grown to appreciate and admire the artistic works of Valentina Battler. From her varied styles to the unique culminations they form, Battler displays her unique talent in her latest book, ‘Art of Ink Painting’.


This book presents the works of Valentina Battler, which span across a wide field of artistic culture: Fine Art, Poetry and Art Criticism. Her oeuvre attains high creative achievements in each of these spheres, and united together, it represents a significant and unique phenomenon.

“Battler explores the extent of human emotion through artistic representation of figure and form, combining Classical and Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting techniques. Her works on Xuan paper are rooted in the Yin Yang philosophy’s principle of complementary contradiction, says Dr. Grant Pooke, Senior Lecturer at the University of Kent.

He continues, “Battler’s background as a classically trained pianist, instructor and graduate of the St Petersburg State Conservatory is in evidence in various ways throughout the selection of images. Her aesthetic explores some of the nuanced and complex interactions between painting and music.”

Her works on Yupo paper reflect an impressionistic style. Contrasting figure and fantasy with abstraction, she invites the viewers to experience the world re-interpreted through her own perspective as seen through the metaphorical ‘looking glass.’

Forms and subjects are employed as representations of emotional expression; from contemplation, passion and aggression to expectation and disappointment. While subjects vary from dueling beasts and Samurai warriors to tranquil landscapes and delicate figures, these stylized and skillfully executed compositions radiate a dynamic energy through deliberate brush strokes and the softer abstract backgrounds into which the forms melt.

Dr. Pooke went on to add, “For Battler, these images ‘lend themselves – technically and emotionally.’ In these works, tempo and cultural influence are determined not just by the expressiveness of the subject matter but through the choice of material – whether Xuan or Yupo paper:

“Chinese painting is very classical ‘music’ for me – with its phrases, articulation, accentuation, legato, staccato…, but painting on Yupo looks like Jazz with theme and expression in it,” she said.

It is perhaps then, through the cadence and rhythms of a musical score; from fugue to caprice, from freeform jazz to fantasia. But whilst these images convey the impressionistic and the improvised, they also speak to a profound and deliberate cultural identity – and distinctness.”

Art of Ink Painting, published by CreateSpace, is available now from Amazon.com.

Direct purchase link: http://amzn.to/QSCD5l

For more information, please visit Battler’s official website: http://www.valentinabattler.com/

Her progress can also be followed on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/valentina.battler

About the Author:
Russian-born, Valentina Battler is a classically trained concert pianist and graduate of the St. Petersburg Conservatory. A self-taught artist, Battler applied the same dedication and focus that her musical training afforded her to the study and practice of the Chinese Ink Painting tradition.

Internationally recognized for her skill and mastery of technique, Battler has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Moscow and Shanghai and her paintings can be found in public and private collections around the world.

fordPROJECT first presented Battler’s work in 2011 as part of the gallery’s inaugural exhibition. "Form and Fancy" is the first exhibition for which fordPROJECT will dedicate its bi-level penthouse space entirely to the presentation and exploration of a single artist’s work. http://www.fordproject.com/exhibitions/form-and-fancy