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Rapid Growth of Online Galleries Presents Challenges for Today's Artists, Photographers and Art Collectors to Successfully Showcase Their Work

New Advertising Program Optimize Results For Artists,Photographers and Art Collectors to Market Successfully On Online Galleries Worldwide.


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2012 -- Its a fact,there are more than 300 online galleries worldwide. Online galleries now play a significant role in the success for any artists or collector. In the past,artists have invested their valuable time and money attempting to find the "right" online galleries to sell their work.

Today, a premier arts marketing service, The Art Marketing Agency, Sarasota,Florida, announced a new brokerage-type program that match's an artist work with the appropriate online galleries. The new service is designed to enable artists to transform their marketing while more effectively reaching worldwide art buyers.

"We recognized that success in selling art online means knowing exactly what online galleries and their buyers are the best fit for specific styles,medium.Our services are specifically designed to match the characteristics of the online gallery,and its audience, with the artwork "observed,Tuck Tucker Agency Director at AMA.

The Art Marketing Agency services enables artists, photographers an art collectors to work with an expert, objective team that will provide a portfolio (and website) review with an informative consultation. After the portfolio review and consultation, the Agency proceeds to develop "specific" marketing plans to match the artist style, vision with the "right" online gallery to showcase their work.

The Agency also provides a written summary that includes information about:

- What "specific" online galleries to work with
- Ideas about how to "optimize" art marketing and budgets to match the best performing online gallery and its buyers
- Assistance to develop a "targeted" online marketing online strategy based the artists vision
- Design a "specialized" advertising campaign to reach appropriate online buyers and online galleries
- Implementation:set up the presentation of the artwork and studio at the online galleries.

from Karen T. in Arlington,Virginia, photographer:

"The Agency suggested I shift from 2 pay galleries to 5 non-pay and I am making more sales and saving money. What I liked is that their services are "turnkey"- they really did ALL the work to set me up with the online art galleries after the Consultation." Thanks AMA for making my life and art marketing a lot better."

AMA's new marketing services includes all the necessary production work (implementation) to establish their studio at the online gallery including:

- Consulting with artist to choose the best performing online gallery to work with
- Setting up the online studio at the online gallery: upload-jpegs, pricing, description
- Develop an effective description and pricing of the artwork
- Establish necessary web "links" to the artist website.

Some recent clients have remarked about the new services;

Ron W. Miami Fla.Giclee, Fine Artist:

"I am relieved to have found a partner like the Art Marketing Agency. Its was just too time-consuming and frustrating to know what online galleries to work with.The Team at the Agency have given me better online sales options..I recommend them."

The artist may choose one of three consultation plans $50 to $150), that fits their budget.

There is a one time Consultation fee ($50 to one hour for only $150.) to review all aspects of the Artists work including their website and marketing ideas.

A valuable written summary and recommendations is provided to all clients, including:

- An informattive re-cap of the Interview,Consultation & Portfolio Review
- Recommendations about which Online Art Galleries to work with: pay and non-pay
- A list of the best Metatags and Metawords to help customers find the website
- A review of your "pricing" structure for the artwork
- A Strategic marketing "action" plan that the artist (or the Agency) can implement
- If there is a budget,some ideas about the best application of marketing dollars
- Information about how to “capture" information from your website visitors for "follow-up"
- Details about best Pay Process-"options" to sell and collect money from your site.

NOTE: Artist may also pay a small monthly fee ($15-50.) for on-going
support and consultations.

For more details about the new service: please contact:

Tuck TuckerAgency Director at 239 250 4920 - Sarasota Florida USA