Valerie Garner

Valerie Garner's Watercolor Art Showcase Special Technique Is Revealed


Bellevue, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- Valerie Garner’s watercolors artwork focus on the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the U.S. where she lives, and she shows them off in an impressive online gallery

Valerie is a self-taught artist, her interest starting in childhood with a love of learning, color and working with her hands in various mediums. She became seriously involved in photography and making fine art prints. From there she moved into watercolor which she had always found intriguing. Valerie Garner says, “I love the medium of watercolor, the fluidity it provides, the degree of unpredictability, the look of soft pastels or strong and bold looks. I love the effect of adding different washes and textures, to see the moment when a painting ‘pops’.”

The use of different washes and textures combines for her personal technique: using several layers of glazes and washes, along with both wet on wet, and wet on dry.

Her online gallery is divided into sections. The viewer can browse Buildings, Christian Art, Flowers, Landscapes and Still Life. Each painting is accompanied by Valerie’s description of how she happened to choose the subject. For example, one titled “Homestead Window” was inspired by a “love of country life, and the mountains where my grandparents had a homestead many years ago”.

People looking for some art to bring a feel of the Northwest into their home or office, can choose between a fine art print or can buy the original, when available.

The paintings are displayed on . Valerie’s photographs are displayed on a separate site .

To see a YouTube of her work, please visit Actually, Valerie Garner has developed an entire product line, bringing her art into people's life in different ways. Customers can choose, from the distinctive watercolors, fine art photographs, canvas prints, framed prints, acrylic prints, standard prints, greeting cards and phone cases. Pricing and shipping information and how to contact Valerie directly with questions are detailed on the websites.

About Valerie Garner
Valerie Garner ( is a watercolor artist located in Bellevue, Wa. She offers a variety of topics in her paintings. New work is continually being added to her collection. Please visit her website for more information, and to see her work.