Arthritis Foundation Provides Guidelines in Buying Safe and Effective Glucosamine Supplements


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- Many joint pain sufferers today find natural supplements an ideal solution for pain relief and joint health rehabilitation. Natural alternatives have become a tremendous attraction to sufferers who are frustrated with the use of conventional medicine. However, according to experts, supplements can only be the best treatment option if sufferers make the right choice in choosing a product.

There is an alarming concern about the increasing number of glucosamine supplements that are not only ineffective, but also dangerous. This has caused many joint pain patients to be more cautious in choosing a product.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, sufferers should choose only the most reputable brand of glucosamine product available in the market. They should avoid using cheaper imitations as it is only a waste of money and can expose them to certain health risks.

There are millions of joint pain sufferers around the globe, and most of them think that what’s natural is absolutely safe. Herbs have been used as natural alternatives for the chemicals used in prescription drugs. However, most patients do not know that herbs are also chemicals and if they are taken in high amounts, they can be harmful. Products that are produced using low-quality manufacturing standards and ingredients are less likely to provide good therapeutic results.

Albeit there are dangers associated with using natural alternatives, they only take place if a patient chooses the wrong product. Using the right product, on the other hand, can significantly help sufferers achieve pain relief and possible joint health restoration.

“Many supplements have a proven track record” said the chief of rheumatology and director of pain management services, James McKoy, MD. There have been recorded cases of recovery and success for joint pain sufferers who used reliable glucosamine supplements. One of the secrets in achieving joint pain relief is to simply use the most efficient supplements available in the market.

Health experts suggest that sufferers should choose glucosamine products that come from reliable companies. Consumers should also check the product labels and the exact ingredients contained in a product. Doing this will help them determine whether the glucosamine product is safe and efficient to use.

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