Article Checking System Now Analyzes Articles Based on Google Rules


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- PassGoSEO is a new online service that checks articles for duplicate content, spun text, and other elements that could affect acceptability by Google.

PassGoSEO, a new web-based system, checks articles for duplicate content, spun text, and keyword stuffing to ensure they pass Google’s rules and can help a website rank on the search engine. It is important to write articles to pass these standards, in order to have content accepted and get more traffic to a website. Repurposed content is rejected by Google and writing it only wastes time and money. Purchasing batches of spun articles, for example, no longer provides the benefits it once did.

Writing articles to Google standards means writing unique content every time. Articles are checked for duplicate material in addition to grammar and spelling, so poorly written pieces will be rejected. Not only does this mean your page may not rank well, it can be discarded altogether, putting a site’s or organization’s marketability and reputation in jeopardy. The PassGoSEO system encodes all the rules Google uses to decide if an article will rank or not. It also checks for naturally created backlinks instead of those created in unnaturally high numbers.

The system is suitable for use by article writers in addition to editors, bloggers, website designers, and SEO professionals. It identifies content in an article that might not pass the analysis of the search engine. Also analyzed are keyword density plus other aspects of the page, such as word count and sentence length, and spelling and grammar. Under a single subscription, the online system provides a content checker available for unlimited use. An online word processor is also integrated.

To get any traffic to a website and increase the chances of sales, one must rank on Google. Unoriginal, poorly written content will prevent any site from getting noticed. Since the search engine uses so many metrics to decide to pass content or not, it is important to pass content filters. Everything PassGoSEO checks is applied by Google. Tools such as Copyscape have been widely used in the past, but do not conform to the same rules which directly affect how articles and keywords are ranked.

An up-to-date browser with Java and JavaScript are all that are needed to run PassGoSEO. A 60-day unconditional guarantee ensures customers get their money back if not satisfied with the service. PassGoSEO is available at a cost of $97 per year.

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