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Article Directory Website ArticleDirectory.net Helps Its Clients Get More Internet Traffic


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2012 -- As anyone who has a website knows, having the best possible products at the most reasonable prices doesn’t really mean a whole lot if customers are not able to find the site during internet searches.

As a result, many webmasters spend a lot of time writing articles filled with specific keywords that will help increase the chances that people will visit the website.

Rather than just posting their content directly to the websites, a lot of webmasters also work with article directory sites that list hundreds of articles on a wide variety of topics. These directories can help increase traffic to websites.

Since 2006, one article directory website has stood above the others as being an outstanding resource for webmasters.

ArticleDirectory.net, which recently finished a complete redesign of its website, accepts all original, well-written content which is then posted on its site. This in turn will give publishers a platform to get the word out about their work and help get search engine traffic directly to the author’s article.

“The goal with our service is to send you direct traffic and to provide you with high powered links,” an article on http://articledirectory.net explained, adding that it is recommended that clients compose articles optimized for low volume keywords.

“You do not want us to compete with you for keywords you have on your site already. You want just enough traffic coming to your article on our site that you can pick up some organic backlinks.”

This technique, in addition to the PR that the staff at ArticleDirectory.net will provide, should provide clients with strong back links going to each author’s website.

Using the newly-designed website is easier than ever; interested clients are welcome to visit at any time and browse through the wide variety of articles. Handy category tabs located at the top of the home page can help people find the article topics they are looking for quickly and easily; for example, http://finance.articledirectory.net/, lists all of the available articles on the topic of finance, and http://business.articledirectory.net/ has many interesting articles relating to business.

An in-depth frequently-asked-questions section answers many of the common inquiries that potential clients often have about the way that the article directory works, as do a “Step-by-step guide” and a helpful “How Does This Work?” section on the website.

About ArticleDirectory.net
Articledirectory.net has been a resource for webmasters since 2006. We are now open to the public and gladly accept all original, well-written content to give publishers a platform to showcase their work. The website features a helpful frequently-asked-question section that answers questions people have about how the website works, as well as hundreds of articles on a wide variety of topics. For more information, please visit http://articledirectory.net