Article Explains when Taxpayers Can File Taxes in 2014, 2015

Taxpayers need to know when to file depending on what tax credits they may be using—Frank Ellis has authored an article on this topic for those preparing to file in 2014, 2015.


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- The focus of a recent article, when to file tax returns, is a crucial topic for those looking to file their taxes without having to make any amendments. In order to guarantee no mistakes are made that could reduce the refund amount, author Frank Ellis determines that Turbo Tax would be the best option for Americans who may not feel confident preparing their taxes by themselves.

Ellis recommends e-filing through TurboTax Online in order to receive refunds faster and ensure refund is the largest amount possible. Although taxpayers may be motivated to file immediately, some tax credits may delay their ability to file.

Some credits, such as residential energy credit, general business credits, or depreciation of property, require the taxpayer to wait until the IRS announces they are accepting returns that include these. According to the Ellis, this can often be late February or early March.

In addition to these credits, some forms also cannot be filed until the IRS makes such an announcement. To get the full list of tax forms and credits, Americans can access the article authored by Ellis in order to have a full explanation of what needs to be considered when determining when one can or cannot file their tax returns.

It is not a secret that filing for tax returns can be a bit more complicated than it first seems. With the help of the article which explains when taxpayers can file in 2015, written by tax expert and author of over 800 articles, June 6-9, readers will feel confident in the knowledge gained so that they can file their returns at the time that makes the most sense for them.

Through the right combination of knowledge and accuracy, taxpayers can ensure they are receiving the largest refund possible on their returns. For more information about when to file 2014 & 2015 tax returns or to read the article completely, visit today.

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