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Article Reveals Tips to Help Readers Buy a Laptop Bag That Meets Their Needs

Author Allen Walker breaks down different types of laptop cases, including their functional benefit.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2011 -- Although it’s a simple product, going to buy a laptop bag online can be a not-so-simple process. That’s according to Allen Walker, author of “Laptop Bags, Cases and Totes: 1001 Quality Types You Can Buy Online.” His HubPages article gives readers four primary factors that they should consider when buying a laptop bag, ranging from size to design, price and even country where the bag will be used.

“A quick search online will reveal that there are thousands of laptop cases to choose from. That can be both a blessing and a curse,” said Walker. “On one hand it’s good to have a big selection. But if you don’t have the criteria to whittle down your choices, you can easily become overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices.”

The “Laptop Bags, Cases and Totes” article first has potential buyers question the size of laptop bag they need. Walker then covers styles, ranging from backpacks to sleeves, laptop rucksacks and brand name choices. He shows readers where to buy a laptop bag both online and offline and which ones are most appropriate for males or females.

In the article, readers can see images of the types of laptop cases Walker talks about. Prices are included to help readers understand the financial differences between the options. Readers who want to make an immediate purchase also have the option to do so.

For more information on choosing a laptop bag read Walker’s complete “Laptop Bags, Cases and Totes” article at

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Written by the Mysterious Maven, Allen Walker, the "Laptop Bags, Cases and Totes" hubpage covers the primary factors buyers should take into account when purchasing a laptop bag, including: size, style, design, brand, place of purchase and price. The article offers details that Walker learned from personal laptop bag buying experiences.