Article Writing Specialists 99 Cent Articles Announces Their New Premium SEO Service- Rave Reviews in First Few Weeks After Launch


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2011 -- In response to the growing demand for effective search engine optimization services, 99 cent articles is announcing the release of its new Premium SEO Service which helps websites get to the front page of Google fast.

Specializing in article writing, 99 cent articles has established a reputation as providing high quality written content at some of the lowest prices in the industry. They employ an experienced team of professional article writers, copywriters, and press release writers that have intimate knowledge of various niches and industries found on the internet. They offer a variety of services including blog posting, video posting, custom eBook creation, and even custom sales pages.

Having established a name for themselves in the content related side of internet marketing, SEO seemed the next logical step for 99 Cent Articles. According to clients who have already purchased their Premium SEO service, 99 cent articles’ method of Search Engine Optimization cuts through over-used and under-effective SEO strategies and gets directly to the real meat of pushing a website to the front pages of the search engines.

In a recent report by Matt Cutts of Google’s webspam team, search engine results that were easily achievable a few years ago are much more difficult to achieve today. Simply having a website with a few back links just isn’t enough anymore; in today’s market website owners need a more focused, hard-hitting approach.

That’s why 99 Cent Articles recently released their Premium SEO service. By implementing an SEO strategy that primarily focuses on off-page optimization (which is said to be 80% of an effective SEO campaign), their techniques allow otherwise weak websites to climb through the cesspool and stick like glue to Google’s front pages.

They begin by finding potential keywords for their client’s niche, and then go straight to work accumulating high quality backlinks from reputable websites. Most of the links are allocated within the first 2 weeks of the campaign at which time they are indexed and reassembled into a tiered linking structure. This combination is said to get results fast, so much so that 99 Cent Articles got themselves ranked quickly for some of the most competitive keywords in the writing industry.

With their expertise in content marketing and years of SEO knowledge, 99 Cent Articles has already seen unprecedented success with their new Premium SEO Service. To learn more about 99 cent articles Premium SEO service, or to hire an article writer for your content needs, go to: