Announces Best-In-Class Press Release Writing and Distribution Service to Major Media Outlets, for $97.00 USD


Annapolis, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2012 --, the leading online content provider utilizing 100% American writers, has today announced to the public the implementation of a ground-breaking service that allows for both professionally-written press releases, as well as a submission service that targets major media outlets, at the fraction of the cost of traditional services.

"Up until now," said CEO Dave Kelly, "most average businesses and website owners have shied away from using press releases, because of the high cost of getting them written, and then getting them distributed. The high-tier submission services are beyond the financial means of all but the largest businesses, while the bargain-basement submission services mostly post content to low-quality article directory sites and other places producing a poor response. These low-ball services are not really true press release distribution services."

"What we have done is really nothing short of a miracle," said Kelly. "We are now strategically aligned with a true press release distribution service, one which routinely gets content picked up by true media outlets, like Google News, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, World Net Daily, RCRWireless, The International Business Times, and many, many others. A lot of places advertise how many different outlets a press release can be submitted to, but it's really not about numbers, it's all about exposure, and to ensure that we will be submitting to sites and media outlets that get maximum exposure, true media sites."

"And to top it off, we are offering the professional writing of the press release, in addition to the submission of it -- all for $97.00 USD. There is no additional charge, no additional fees at all. With other services you will pay lots more just for the submission, and often not include the writing as a part of the package, but we do. For what we are able to charge our customers, we are actually better than other services that cost five times as much, or more.

Using proprietary technology and a custom-designed interface, customers ordering a press release submit all the necessary details to their team of All-American professional press release writers and editors. Within just 1-3 days, the completed press release is sent back to the customer for review and approval. When approved, the press release is automatically submitted to critical media outlets, and the customer receives a detailed report, including URL's of the location of the posted press release.

Employing only U.S.-based writers, currently services over 15,000 businesses and website owners, with all types of content: blog posts, SEO/keyword optimized and specialized niche content, volume orders, and professionally-written press releases. For more information on their services please visit: