Artist Aims to 'Make Mondays Smilier' with Meow Mondays Campaign

Linda Roesch offers weekly cat drawings; seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2014 -- No one likes Mondays… just ask Jim Davis’ famous cartoon cat ‘Garfield’, who has warned millions of people (including Jon Arbuckle) of the woes of this detested day.

But South Dakota artist Linda Roesch wants to make Mondays a little ‘smilier’ in 2015, and to do this she’s enlisted help from her own feline friend Bitty Cow.

Roesch was no stranger to the Monday blues. She remembers all too well the feelings of returning to work on a Monday with little to look forward to but the work ahead. Then she came up with the idea for ‘Meow Mondays’; a project designed specifically to make people smile on Mondays in 2015.

‘The project came about because I wanted to print a simple line drawing of Cow onto a t-shirt and sell that at my booth at craft fairs.’ Roesch says. ‘It sort of spiraled from there and I had the idea to create weekly drawings and email them on Mondays. The internet loves cats, Mondays suck, and it turns out I really like to draw Bitty Cow.’

On November 1, Roesch launched Meow Mondays on the popular crowdfunding website Roesch has launched successfully funded projects on Kickstarter before, and she felt it was important to make this project so affordable that anyone could participate. So, she decided that backers need only contribute $1 to receive the weekly drawing of Bitty Cow.

Roesch plans to create more than 50 fun and fanciful drawings – or one drawing for each Monday of 2015 – and email them to project supporters every Monday of next year to help folks begin their week with a smile. She’ll also send bonus sketches throughout the year to backers who pledge at a slightly higher level, and she’ll be posting some drawings on the ‘Meow Mondays’ Facebook page. Roesch says that this project is about building a following, and not just reaching a financial goal.

‘I really want this to be a fun project that people can look forward to on the least exciting days of next year’ Roesch says. ‘No one wants to come back to work on a Monday, but I like to think it will be a little more bearable if they know that in their inbox, they’ll see their weekly drawing of Bitty Cow.’

This crowdfunding campaign ends on December 1, 2014. Roesch plans to use the funds raised from Meow Mondays to secure booth space at art and craft fairs in 2015, and to purchase screen printing supplies.

The Meow Mondays Kickstarter page can be seen at -