Artist Chris Rutterford Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Build a Spectacular New Historical Mural and Organize 'Audience with Bannockburn'

This campaign is about building a brand new Mural out of the portraits of 'Brave Heart' ancestors (and those who wish they were) and help fund two weeks of a theatrical storytelling show, costumes, video projections and performance painting.


Edinburgh, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- 'Audience with Bannockburn' is a fortnight festival of storytelling, history and music scheduled to bridge the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, the most famous battle in Scottish history where the Scots defeated the English in an epic conflict and gained their independence. The event's "Warrior Heart" is the making of the epic 9m x 4m battle mural at this 2 week festival in the Old Town of Edinburgh.

The main incentive on offer in the campaign is to have your portrait painted in this mural which is set to be installed at the site of the Battle itself in a brand new state of the art museum that has just been built and opened. Participants will have the chance to claim a place in history and have their faces depicted in this mural and play their part in a Hollywood scale depiction of the battle.

This event itself is to be held at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, featuring a mix of spoken word, history and music, led by renowned Scottish Storyteller Calum Lykan. He will be embedded in the venue and remain in medieval battle garb as King Robert the Bruce himself.

The venue will be resplendent with war banners to immerse one in the time period and a full complement of medieval clothing and battle attire will be available to try on. Chris Rutterford and his team are even making a dozen hobby horses so the Bravehearts can charge headlong into the fray.

This project aims to create as immersive and engaging a space as possible and let Calum become the stuff of legend and he wants to offer the chance for others to be there too. They're also building an immersive video projection installation which embeds the audience in the scene. Reinforcing Calum's status as 'The Bruce' even more, he will be painted in the midst of the throng as the hero of the massive mural directly behind him. He needs an army of willing volunteers to fight on his side all they need do is send a photo and back this campaign and they will be painted into the scene.

Money received from Kickstarter will be spent on time to build the mural and on providing essential materials for the theatrical production, and the mini festival. Most of all, it will buy the entire team's time and effort - both in the lead up to the event, organizing and producing an ambitious production and for months afterwards ensuring all the legacy ambitions of this iconic mini festival and mural spectacular can be met.

This project will only be funded if at least £7,300 is pledged by Sat, Jun 7 2014 12:09 AM +05:30.

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